Raising Media Smart Kids

Last year, as Sydney was getting started in 5K, I attended a talk at school during our Parent Orientation night about raising media smart kids. This year, the school held the talk again and it was awesome. I was...
October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, a mere few weeks of the year set aside to open the door to conversations where we can be honest. We can remember and honor the babies we have lost, whether...

Don’t Call It A Downgrade

I've been a Milwaukee resident for less than a year now and the one question I get asked the most is: Why did I leave Chicago to come here? Even though I should be used to it, it always...
Weekends feel extra special to me now that I’m a working mom. It’s my time to spend as much of the day with my kiddo as possible. While I love hanging out in our house, or local park, I try...

What Really Matters

It happens every year around this time. That sinking feeling in my stomach and my eyes welling up with tears with regret over lost time. Today was the first day of school. Last night after I tucked my kids in, I went...

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Guide To Milwaukee

The Ultimate Guide to Milwaukee Area Fireworks

Fireworks are integral to Milwaukee’s summertime culture. There is no summer without them! Below is a detailed list of the 2021 Milwaukee area fireworks...