DON’T Ask Your Father

It amazes me two people can come together and raise children. My husband and I have completely different temperaments. We were raised with different rules, curfews and parenting philosophies. My husband has only sisters and me only brothers. I’m...
  This is a post in a birth story series where our team shares their stories of how their kids made them moms. We are thrilled to bring you this series leading up to our event for new and expecting...
I always knew my husband was romantic. Deep down in the inner recesses of his being my husband was a poem-writing, song-singing, bouquet-buying kind of guy. I waited and watched and then grew increasingly disappointed when his inner Romeo...
It wasn't until recently that I realized that the day I agreed to marry the love of my life was the same day I agreed to spend my life with a sick person and eventually become a caregiver.  My husband...

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