Heartbroken in Waukesha | 2021 Waukesha Christmas Parade


*TRIGGER WARNING* This is a rapidly developing story involving horrific violence committed against our neighbors. 

waukesha christmas parade
2019 Waukesha Christmas Parade

In 2019, my son and I marched in the Waukesha Christmas Parade with the cast of Elf from Waukesha Civic Theatre. The street was packed with families, shoulder to shoulder, for the entirety of the parade route. We live here in Waukesha and we love it.

Tonight, friends of ours and their families were marching in or enjoying that very same parade when an act of horrific violence took place, leaving numerous lives forever changed. We’ve been busy texting and checking in on nearly everyone we know nearby to see make sure they are okay and even typing this, my hands won’t stop shaking.

Right now, there’s little we can say that will be helpful or comforting when something like this takes place in our own backyard and if I’m being honest, I’m still scrambling to get check-in reports from numerous neighbors and friends.

Waukesha, I see you. I’ve lived here for nearly ten years and I know many of you have been here your entire lives. Things like this make no sense and the impact of this night will be felt for a very very long time. Parents are having to help their children navigate trauma the likes of which they never could have imagined. Hold our city close to your hearts tonight, friends. Check on your people.

We’ll update when we know more. Please know how much we love you all.


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