Breastfeeding Mother's Group - Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital

791 Summit Avenue, Oconomowoc, WI, USA
791 Summit Avenue Oconomowoc Wisconsin 53066 US

This Breastfeeding Mother’s Group offers moms a unique opportunity to discuss a wide variety of breastfeeding issues with our lactation consultants and other moms.

Each week a variety of interesting topics are discussed, like:

  • What can I expect in the first few weeks?
  • Where do dads and grandmothers fit in?
  • How do I pump and store milk?
  • Is it normal for my baby to…?
  • Should my baby be on a schedule by now?

There is always time for questions and answers, as well as time for weighing your baby!

What should I bring?

Boppy pillow if desired

It’s OK to bring your stroller.

Call 262-928-7650 for more information.

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