Heather Nischke Birth Services

5401 Somerset Ln S, Greenfield, WI 53221, USA
4829 South 20th Street Milwaukee Wisconsin 53221 US
Heather Nischke is a birth and family photographer and birth and postpartum doula. She understands and recognizes that all families are different and they all deserve to be supported and honored throughout their journey into parenthood and beyond.

“I’m extremely passionate about evidence based practices and informed consent. I can provide you with the information and support needed for you to feel empowered while making the needed decisions for you and your baby. I work prenatally with you and your partner/support person so you both go into your labor feeling calm and prepared.

During your labor while your birth partner is physically supporting you I’ll be quietly buzzing around capturing the details you wouldn’t otherwise notice. Our brains go into primal mode during labor and naturally blocks out most memories. Having your birth photographed will aid in your emotional healing because you’ll have a visual timeline of how your labor unfolded. It helps you take your power back, you get to see yourself at your strongest and most vulnerable moments. It will help your partner stay present, they won’t be fumbling around on their phone trying to take poorly lit selfies with you and your brand new baby. I’ve got that covered!”
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