Casa de Corazón : A New Type of Milwaukee Daycare


This post is sponsored by Casa de Corazón, a Spanish Immersion day care center that opened in central Shorewood early October. It is the first of its kind in Wisconsin, and among providing an excellent Spanish immersion curriculum, Casa de Corazón emphasizes social responsibility and sustainable practices. We’re thrilled to hear about this type of Milwaukee daycare, and went in for a tour to see what it is all about! 

Casa de Corazón is easy to find in the heart of “downtown” Shorewood. When you walk in the door, you’re welcomed by friendly staff and a large, clean, and organized space. The bright and open aesthetic is quite cheery (which should hopefully help with smooth drop-offs!)

There are a lot of other high points about this new Milwaukee child care center, so we’ve listed them below. If you’re interested in going to see for yourself, we recommend reaching out to them directly to schedule a tour.

Casa de Corazón Offers Technology at its Finest

Each classroom teacher has an iPad with the app ‘Daily Connect’. The app allows the teachers to check in each child as well as track their day. The app can be downloaded by parents/guardian (at a cost) and they can see, in real time, if their child is currently napping or when they had their last bottle/food or diaper change.

This technology is impressive, but they do have an option for a single email at the end of the day if you might find on-going communication to be distracting while you’re working. Either way, it’s nice to know the staff is meticulously attentive to the needs of each child.

Lunch at Casa de Corazón

Casa de Corazón provides provide fresh ingredients from approved local producers with original recipes and a variety of organic produce for a balanced diet. All food is made daily at the center, and the center director even tries the food every day before it is served to the kids (we love this!). Casa de Corazón provides bottles if the family wishes to use.

Casa de Corazón Play Area

There are two gated play areas located behind the building. They also have a spacious indoor gym with outdoor toys such as balls and basketball hoops. This is great to have with the long and cold Wisconsin winters (especially this year!) The gym is used throughout the day by all children as soon as they begin to roll over.


Cloth diapers for all children are PROVIDED by the center (yes, seriously!) That means no extra laundry at home! Not only is this a high point for Mother Earth, it also means moms and dads don’t have to pickup a bag of used cloth diapers to bring home every day! Amazing, right!? Parents are asked to provide a diaper just for their children to wear home.

Bilingual Curriculum at Casa de Corazón

Bilingualism aligns perfectly with their program’s philosophy of intercultural community building. Casa de Corazón requires their staff to be at least 80% fluent in Spanish, as 90% of the day the children are spoken to in Spanish. The staff is intercultural, being from all over Latin America & Spain. The employees I met seemed to be treated well and genuinely happy to be a part of this community.

Bonus: The infant classroom also incorporates Baby Sign language. Two new signs are taught every month. This is a great way for children to develop language skills even before they are of speaking age.

Overall, we really enjoyed getting an inside look at this wonderful new daycare center and highly encourage you to set up a tour if you feel this might be the right fit for your family.


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