Falk Park KinderCare Brings Quality Childcare to Franklin


For 50 years, KinderCare teachers have been creating safe, encouraging environments where kids can learn, grow and build confidence for life. At KinderCare, hardworking families are family—regardless of needs, backgrounds, and experiences. This post is sponsored by KinderCare Learning Centers.

Over the last couple months, the greater Milwaukee Area has been excited to welcome two brand new KinderCare Learning Centers who are now accepting enrollments for new families. We stopped by the new Falk Park location in Franklin and we were really pumped to get to chat with the KinderCare team, learn more about the programming they have to offer, and explore the facility. In fact, we brought along a pretty tough critic….a twelve-year-old!

Falk Park KinderCare Bring Quality Childcare to Franklin Families

I think it can be easy for parents to look back on our own early childhood and start to compare our experiences to those of our kiddos. We find ourselves saying things like, “When I was a kid, I had to make do with graham crackers and fuzzy VHS tapes!” When I brought my middle school age son to check out the new Falk Park KinderCare Grand Opening event, I caught myself doing this multiple times as I looked around the beautiful facility and all the amenities KinderCare offers to families.

Details Matter at KinderCare Learning Centers

There’s a bold and bright playground right behind the Falk Park center that offers a variety of play experiences perfect for all ages surrounded by an evergreen play surface that blows the wood chips of my childhood out of the water in a big way. In addition to this beautiful outdoor space, the large gym right in the heart of the center allows for active play year round.

We were both particularly impressed by the details and intentionality that went into each and every room, down to the choice of toys and signs on each crib that indicate whether the baby is able to roll over on their own or not. My kiddo noticed a basket of dolls in one of the infant rooms and his face lit up as he exclaimed, “Mom, look! Look at the diversity in these dolls!” Choices like this, to have a variety of skin tones represented in toys for even the youngest students, show a commitment to inclusive learning that parents should value highly.

There’s even car seat “parking,” family communication boards, language learning programming, and more. We were both extremely impressed with the amenities offered, the enthusiasm of the staff, and the abundance of activities. My son was gushing as we walked out the door that “this place was way better than the preschool I went to!” So, as it turns out, I wasn’t the only one spouting off nostalgic observations from childhood!

The Falk Park KinderCare is located at 7363 S 27th St in Franklin and is now open and accepting enrollments. To take a virtual tour with our MkeMom Team, CLICK HERE!

Contact 833-90-LEARN to learn more about these beautiful new centers.

Learn more about what to look for in a childcare provider at KinderCare.com.



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