New KinderCare Learning Center in Germantown Makes Safety a Top Priority


For 50 years, KinderCare teachers have been creating safe, encouraging environments where kids can learn, grow and build confidence for life. At KinderCare, hardworking families are family—regardless of needs, backgrounds, and experiences. This post is sponsored by KinderCare Learning Centers.

Over the last couple months, the greater Milwaukee Area has been excited to welcome two brand new KinderCare Learning Centers who are now accepting enrollments for new families. Our team was able to get a sneak peek at the gorgeous facility in Germantown and we were beyond impressed by all the details the KinderCare Team has put in place to make it an exceptional learning experience for families.

KinderCare Germantown Makes Safety a Priority from the Start

Last weekend, I attended a CPR class at KinderCare in Germantown, led by Pulses First Aid. While I’m sure that some people got their CPR certification prior to having children, or shortly after becoming parents, I realized that it has been over 10 years since I attended a CPR or first aid class. All I can say is this: every parent needs this! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious listening and getting reminders about the steps for CPR, the heimlich, and how to use an epipen. Envisioning myself being calm in a crisis is my biggest concern, and the class made me feel assured should I ever have to help someone.

As a parent, I worry – I don’t think I’m alone in this.

The safety of my children is paramount over pretty much every other thing. Not only is it important for me to feel like I can respond in a crisis, but also that the people who teach and care for my children are equipped in a crisis as well. I was impressed by knowledge of the Pulses First Aid instructor, and thrilled to know that he’s the guy that goes around to area child care centers and schools – like KinderCare – to teach their staff. There are so many extra precautions and steps that these providers are trained in to make sure that they can safely attend to emergencies if they arise. At the Kindercare Germantown location, they even have an AED device right in the gymnasium and all staff are trained on how to use that device.

KinderCare in Germantown is an absolutely gorgeous new facility, with open and bright spaces, clean rooms, educational toys, and multiple playgrounds and areas for outdoor play. The staff are warm and kind and have clearly places the needs of families at the forefront of every decision regarding the care the center offers. Without a public 4K option in the Germantown school district, KinderCare has positioned themselves well as an attractive option for Germantown area families.

The Germantown KinderCare is located on N112 W17056 Mequon Rd. in Germantown and is now open and accepting enrollments. To take a virtual tour with our MkeMom Team, CLICK HERE

Contact 833-90-LEARN to learn more about these beautiful new centers.

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