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We are so excited to celebrate that local publishing company, KWiL Publishing, has released their debut children’s book and we are thrilled to share a review of this fun book with you and to hook you up with a sweet discount on a copy of your very own!

Steve Rex and Daryl Dactyl have popped their pizza in the oven and are ready to play hide-and-go-seek. There’s only one problem. They BOTH want to hide! Luckily, a kid (spoiler alert: It’s the reader!) shows up and agrees to lead the countdown. Now, who will the reader find first, and can Steve and Daryl’s friendship survive the competition? There’s only one way to find out! Young readers will fall in love with this interactive, giggle-out-loud page-turner starring two pizza-loving dinosaur pals playing hide-and-go-seek.

Hide and Go Seek a Saurus

Let me start off by saying that my kindergartner, Yara, is obsessed with dinos and couldn’t wait to read Hide & Go Seek-A-Saurus. Steve and Daryl, the two dinos, love to play hide and seek together but get into an argument about who should hide first. Then, they realize that a kid has joined them; the kid being the reader of the tale! When my daughter read that part, she looked at me and said, “hey! I’m part of the story!” The reader is invited into the book to play hide and seek with the two characters, which turns out to be a pretty heated game. 

What I liked most about this story is that not only did it incorporate Yara as a character but that it taught friendship. Sometimes friends don’t get along but in the end, it’s important to value our friends. That theme is something that is so vital for younger students to learn and I’m grateful for a fun book that has a great moral. 

As a bonus, the author is a Milwaukee native who loves bacon so obviously, her book is a winner. 🙂 

Hide and go seek a saurus

What Makes Hide & Go Seek-A-Saurus “Read-it-Again” Worthy:

  • The genre!
    Finally, a comic for very young readers! Hide & Go Seek-A-Saurus is easy to read out loud and will serve as a gateway book for emerging readers drawn to comic styles. Vibrant colors and thick lines add to the appeal.
  • It’s interactive!
    Six full spreads invite kids to participate in countdowns and PLAY hide-and-go-seek with Steve and Daryl.
  • Steve and Daryl, themselves, of course!
    Lovably realistic dinosaur characters and a subplot that explores the themes of friendship and being a good sport (without a hint of didacticism) frame the interactive elements and will bring readers back to read (and play hide-and-go-seek!) again and again.
  • Pizza!
    (Enough said.)

I liked it because it has dinosaurs in it and I got to make my own book! And there was pizza! – Yara, age 5

Coloring Book

coloring bookAnd let’s not forget the coloring book! The Hide and Go Seek-A-Saurus Coloring Book was a mirror of the book itself with room for the imagination. Creating art is a staple in our home and my daughter has been spending her evenings coloring a book of her own. 

If your young person dreams of being an illustrator (or just loves to color) he/she is sure to fall in love with this coloring book, which is the entire comic-style picture book printed in black and white on thick pages.

About KWiL Publishing & author Sheri Roloff:

KWiL Publishing is an independent, traditional, children’s book publisher in Milwaukee where we believe books are just the beginning. We are Particularly passionate about “scientific fiction” with STEM or Makers themes – stories that have well-researched and vetted scientific, technological, mathematical, engineering, or Makers-related content. At the heart of each book are memorable characters and compelling plots. They are “read-it-again-worthy” in their own right, but they are also excellent supplements to STEM or Makers curriculum.

KWiL Publishing is also mom owned and lady powered.

The founder and owner, Abby Nies Janowiec, is a former teacher, writer, and has the book business in her blood. Her grandmother owned a successful Midwestern independent bookstore for many years. In fact, it was in this bookstore that her parents met! Abby and her team select each title through the lens as book lovers, educators and perhaps most importantly – parents.

Sheri Roloff, the author of Hide and Go Seek-A-Saurus, started writing even before she knew any words. She’d fill up tiny notebooks with squiggly cursive-like lines until one day, those squiggles actually said something. And to accompany those new words, Sheri drew pictures. While writing and performing music in a rock band called Mercury Crossing, Sheri met and married her drummer. She also found a day job she actually liked – as a copywriter of ads, websites, brochures and more. Today she leads a team of copywriters and develops creative marketing concepts at Direct Supply in Milwaukee, WI.

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Hide and Go Seek-A-Saurus and the companion coloring book is available for purchase at www.kwilpublishing.com and Amazon. As a special thank you for supporting our small business, the first 50 orders from MKE Moms Blog will receive a special 15% discount and free shipping exclusively on www.kwilpublishing.com.

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