Laughing Together at How Virtual Learning is Going


“How’s Virtual School been going so far?”

After an entire summer of stressing out about what school would look like this fall, many families have now officially begun the school year on an exclusively virtual basis. We’ve prepared as best we can, many of us setting up brand new workstations with organized supplies in color-coded bins, and braced ourselves for a new educational adventure.

Well. After Week One of virtual learning in our house, technology isn’t cooperating, kids are confused, and we’re stressed out. Maybe you are too? It seems like every other family has it virtual learning figured out and it’s easy to feel alone or even embarrassed navigating this new world.

You are not alone.

Countless families and teachers throughout the world are navigating the new reality of virtual school together. The new school year promises to be an adventure full of unexpected twists and turns. Instead of getting frustrated, angry or embarrassed, let’s make the hiccups and snafus in virtual learning fun and laugh together at the collective mishaps that are bound to happen in this new environment!

Virtual School Bingo : FREE Download and Printable!

Share this fun Bingo Card with your friends and come up with a hilarious prize just for the parents for the one who gets Bingo first or maybe gets it in just one school day! Save to your phone and share on Instagram Stories (tag us at @milwaukeemoms) or maybe print it out for some old-school Bingo Fun. Enjoy!

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