I’m Not Sad to Send my Son to Kindergarten



The other day, at school packet pickup, a mom tried to reassure me, saying at least I had my baby still at home to make sending my firstborn to school a little easier on me. It was heartwarming and encouraging, but if I’m being honest, it was totally unnecessary.

I cannot wait for him to start this journey, and here’s why:

He is ready for this step.

I worried a bit about him starting K3, because he only turned three a couple of days ago. I considered not sending him, but he is SO ready. He loves learning, he loves showing off, and he loves hanging out with kids his own age.

He’ll be going to his second home.

The school is part of our parish, and our spiritual home is as much a home to us as our house is. Bug has been coming to story time at this school since before he could crawl. He already knows his teacher and many of the other kids who will be in his class. He already lets go of my hand and runs to his classroom the second we get inside the building. He’s already at home and I’m so glad that he has a second environment where he can feel secure and thrive.

I can’t wait for 1-on-1 time with my daughter.

I feel like the second-born gets gypped a little bit. With the exception of the occasional time when my husband takes bug for a special day, this little girl has never gotten my undivided attention. I can’t wait to take her on dates, go to music class, and play with her. My son LOVED that attention when he was her age, and I’m so thankful that I’ll be able to give her a little taste of that three mornings a week.

We need a break from one another once in a while.

I love him, I do. He loves me, he does. But every once in awhile, we’ve just had a little too much of each other. And after three years of being the sun in his universe, the time has come for a little break. I’ll be ready and raring to pick him up at 11, but there will be no tears in my eyes at drop off. Time apart will be good for the both of us.


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