Rediscovering my Love for the Library


I am rediscovering my love for the library.

I remember being so excited as a child for the weekend trips to the library. My mom, sisters, and I would file into the minivan and after my mom’s speech of how “books are our friends,” we would enter our local library ready to use our very own library cards. I would spend all summer crossing books off my summer reading list, working to reach each milestone. I had a smile on my face every time I walked through those doors.

Fast-forward a few years–here I am finally rediscovering how truly amazing the library is. I had forgotten the feelings a room full of books can bring. I can’t take credit for this new found love. Another mama friend actually put me on to the awesome adventure the library can be.

So far my son and I have been to the Wauwatosa and the West Allis library. We are partial to the West Allis location due to its proximity to our house. It also has an amazing kids section. My son is awestruck as soon as we walk in the building. For those of you who haven’t checked out the West Allis library, it has a pretty expansive fountain in its lobby that lights up! 

Once I’m able to get my son out of the lobby, we get to climb the spiral stairs up to the children’s books where we see a gorgeous mural of animals. When we finally make it to the top, there are many different sections to explore. My son stays in the area that houses board books, larger legos, plenty of puzzles, several toys that encourage imaginative play–including a “market” with cash register–and a bubbler we spend too much time at. Other areas provide computers, more legos, quiet reading nooks, and a super cool ball track attached to a wall.

I know West Allis is not the only library with these great add ons. The Tosa library has similar items as well as a fish tank and a giraffe who towers over my 5’6’’ self. I would guess that several others in the city have similar set-ups. As the days get colder, I am excited to check out the many other libraries in this great city. 

What are your favorite libraries to visit?


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