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Target School Shopping

I remember being so excited to go shopping for school supplies as a kid. I would carefully match folders with notebooks and carefully craft my arguments so I could convince my mom to let me get a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. But now that I AM THE MOM and I have three kids to shop for, I want the School Supply Fairy to just magically drop their stuff at my door without me having to brave the crowds, search for deals and wrangle my children to the store which just invites squabbling and power struggles.

Enter Target’s School List Assist.

This is about as close to the magic School Supply Fairy as it gets, Mama. I am not even joking when I tell you that I ordered school supplies for all three of my children in less than 5 minutes. This is a literal game-changer, the ultimate Mom Hack, a shopping unicorn that elevates one’s love for Target to a whole new level.

Here’s how this amazing service works:

Head to Target School List Assist on the Target website. Click “Find your list.” Decide if you would like your order shipped to you or if you want to pick it up at your local store. Me, I was all over that “deliver it right to my doorstep please and thank you” option.

Target School List Assist

Next, you enter your zip code to see if your school participates in this program. My kiddos’ school popped up right away and I just had to click Select to go on to the next step. It brought up this whole list of the classes and their specific lists so all I had to do was click the button for which grade I was shopping for.

Target School Supply Shopping

Listen, the next step is where the magic happens. Once you select and confirm the list you are shopping, the super robots at Target literally AUTO-FILL with all the things your kid needs and you can add it to your cart with a SINGLE CLICK.


And…..if your child’s list calls for headphones but you already have a great pair at home, you can easily uncheck that box to skip it. Plus, if there are items on the list that did not find a match, there will be a round-up of those items at the bottom of the page so you know what other items you will still need to grab. In my case, this list had things like “gym shoes” and “art smock” which I can easily help my child pick out at a different time. For my fifth grader, it meant the dreaded Recorder that I’m still in denial that we actually have to deal with.

Target School supplies

Then you just head to your cart, check out, and YOU. ARE. DONE. The heavens open and the angels sing and you can kick your feet up and feel like the smart shopping queen that you are. 

More Awesome Stuff

  • School List Assist will automatically try to substitute in Target brand items to save you some money! You can always change it out before you check-out, but I loved that it was obvious that this whole goal was to make this experience both convenient and affordable.
  • Use your Red Card – If you don’t have a Target Red Card yet, what on earth are you waiting for? Using the Red Card on top on this amazing shopping tool easily took this experience next level because it automatically saved me 5% off my order and my shipping was FREE.
  • Want to go rogue and choose some specialty items?  The School List Assist functionality allows parents to search for a class list and then go off-book, curating their own basket from Target’s recommended assortment of the most commonly sought-out school supplies.

I have zero time to battle it out with my kiddo about what color folder she wants when it’s time to head back to school. Last year, if I had let her, she would have spent an hour playing “eeny meany miny moe.” No, just no. Ain’t no Momma got time for that!

Enter, Target School List Assist. I literally ordered all her supplies in three clicks and five minutes between work meetings. They will be delivered to my doorstep in two days. Boom. Done. No debates in the middle of the glue aisle. I call that a win.

-Melania, mama who can eat chips in the Back-to-School aisle because her shopping is DONE

Basically, my life is changed and I am never shopping for school supplies in an actual store ever again.

Now, go get that school supply shopping done! Head to Target School List Assist and be finished in minutes!

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