For the Love of Themed Halloween Costumes


Between carving pumpkins, putting up festive decorations and going trick or treating, there is no denying that there is a lot to love about Halloween. This holiday is serious fun! Since becoming a mom, my appreciation for the holiday has only continued to grow (minus the scary, gory, gruesome parts).

No surprise for anyone who knows me, but my absolute, favorite part of Halloween is picking out the perfect costume.

Not that that means I am always early and prepared, sometimes those “perfect” costumes come together on Oct. 25th with an extra trip to Michael’s or a next day delivery from Amazon Prime. But whether I am early or late in my preparation, I always have a good time coming up with the idea. And while my daughters will allow it (and my husband tolerate it), I love coming up with coordinating family costumes.

What can I say, I love a good theme!

Some years that means only our daughters coordinate with each other and some years that means that Mom and Dad get in on the fun too. We have done DIY, homemade costumes and we have also gone the store bought route. And let’s be honest, because we live in Wisconsin, some years we have to incorporate a heavy jacket into the look.

We have found our costume ideas from tv shows, movies, and classic Halloween characters. We’ve done “lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!”; witches and their little black cat; Shimmer & Shine, and Nahal.

Our Favorited Themed Halloween Costumes

But our favorite so far has been last year’s the Wizard of Oz theme, even though we managed to not get a picture of the full family in costume. (Some others that we really love but haven’t used yet are Marvel Superheroes, Peter Pan, a circus act, and pirates. Here are more ideas if you need them Last Minute Halloween Costumes).

My daughters have fallen in love with our themed costumes. This year they got complete control over what we would be wearing. And during the height of back to school craziness, they excitedly announced their choice. It makes me so happy to see them get excited for holiday traditions. It makes any stress that may come with planning 5 costumes worth it!

What are you going as for Halloween?

Put a Pin in It!

themed halloween costumes

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Stephanie is a Wisconsin native who has always called this great state home, except for a quick two year stint in Minnesota after earning her business degree at UW-Madison. She now resides in Brookfield with her attorney husband and their four bold, beautiful, biracial children (Amira – 8, Leila – 6, Naomi – 3, and Isaiah – 6 months). Stephanie is a full-time working mom who loves a good list and credits her planner for keeping her on track while balancing work and mom duties. When she isn’t working or mommy-ing, Stephanie enjoys going on a long run, reading a good book, dreaming of her next travel adventure, and drinking a craft beer or glass of red wine with her husband.


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