Five Reasons I’m Keeping my Gray Hair

Gray Hair
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My son was overwhelmed with emotion when he decided to brush my hair the other day and he saw all the gray hair I have acquired. He was worried I was going to die. So confused, I didn’t understand why he came to that drastic conclusion. 

He reminded me of how when he sees people with gray hair, in movies or my grandfather who recently died, they are often sick and old – and typically dying. It was traumatic for him to see me with gray hair. This made me realize I need to declare why I am keeping my gray hair. Here are my top five reasons:

1. I have earned each gray hair.

 I have five kids. Adopting each one out of foster care was stressful. From the uncertainty of the foster care process to developing attachment post adoption, it was an intense process. Every one of these gray hairs (yes – I have A LOT) I am proud of. Long nights. Early mornings. Rough days. I want to see these hairs to remind me how far we’ve come as a family. 

2. I am cheap.

Let’s be real. It is not a priority for me to focus the resources to keep up with maintenance from a professional hair stylist. I would need one regularly to keep up with these gray hairs as frequently as they are appearing. I could go the at home route, but that would add up, too.   

3. I don’t got time for that.

While I adore my time with my girl Shauna getting my hair cut and styled (and she is amazing at coloring hair), I have limited time for self care. While getting my hair done is fantastic and restful every couple months, my monthly massages & naps have taken priority. The at-home color route take a lot of time, too. Time I’d rather spend elsewhere. 

4. Avoiding damage.

I know dying hair can be damaging, so to keep it healthy, going gray is a great option! 

5. Gray hair is beautiful.

I like my gray hair. I love the salt and pepper look. I know so many women who rock the gray. My sisters and I recently convinced my mom to go gray and I don’t think she’s ever looked so beautiful.

With countless friends who dye their hair, get highlights, and get their hair styled regularly – I also think you are beautiful. I love the diversity of our hair styles and colors. One of my favorite things about our culture is that each of us is unique and expresses ourselves. 

So, you who are on the fence – those unsure about what you want to do about your hair – give yourself permission to go gray if you want to. I am sure you will look beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful than confidence in who you are.

embracing grey


  1. Gray hair is beautiful! It’s a reminder to me of wisdom but also being confident in who God created you to be right now. “You were made for such a time as this.”. Thanks for sharing!


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