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Easy Makeup Looks with Maurices

This post is sponsored by Maurices, featuring the new Flawless cosmetics collection that brings everything you need to face the day in one easy makeup pallete and at an affordable price. 

As a tired, working, momma of two toddlers, I get very excited to not be digging through a drawer of cosmetics to get ready for the day! This fabulous palette from Maurice’s puts everything I need for a variety of makeup looks in once convenient place. I put on my foundation and powder, all the middle men are in this palette and then depending on my desired look I add in a few extras.

This palette will take you from play date to date night in a matter of stress-free minutes. 

How One Makeup Palette Can Take you from Playdate to Date Night!

Playdate Look

PLay Date

For the Play Date look I apply my foundation with my fingers, set it with powder and then use these pretty, basic colors to get you out the door faster than your kid can unroll the toilet paper roll. There isn’t even much to say in the way of a tutorial because it’s that easy! A small amount of blush on the cheeks, brighten up the eyes, bring some color to your lips, mascara because ALWAYS apply mascara, and your cup of coffee does the rest of the work! Plus this chubby stick lip color from Maurice’s is a twist-up, so no need to sharpen and no need for a mirror to apply.


Work Day Look

Maxx Browning

The Work Day Look takes just a little more work, but nothing you can’t sneak into snack time. I added a little more color to the eyes, drew in the brows, and I highlighted and contoured just a touch with the colors indicated. Powder highlight and contour are really easy to build, so start small and add until you get the look you like. Suck in your cheeks like a fish face so you get those cheekbones popping and you can see where to contour. Smile and add blush on the apples. Add highlight to when sun would hit the tops of your cheeks. BLEND, blend, blend.


Date Night Look

date night

This one is worth taking a bit more time, Mama! Lock the bathroom door and play around with all the fun colors in this Maurices makeup palette! Its’ a little more labor intensive, but look at the pay off! Much more color is added to the eyes and the highlight and contour are heavier. Plus, I layered the shiny gloss over the creamy neutral color for more pop, both lip colors are super hydrating and go on like a dream. If you want to really take your Date Night Look to the next level, add lashes! These are my favorite drug store lashes and you can usually get two wears at least out of them if you remove them carefully — it’s not too scary, I promise! It’s so much fun to pop on some gorgeous lashes now and then. Even without adding lashes, you will get a lot more bang out of your lashes if you just curl them and use your favorite mascara. I love the Maurice’s Eyelash Curler — it’s super light weight and its rose gold!

Maurice's Flawless Makeup

If you have ever been intimidated and felt lost wandering the aisles of a big beauty supplier, Maurice’s definitely offers a solution. The products are super user-friendly but offer the pay off of a professional line!

Want to see these products in action? We did a Facebook Live video showing off how easy it can be to rock Flawless by Maurices and it was so much fun! 

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