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Beauty tips have a whole different meaning now that I am a mom, and I didn’t realize how challenging keeping my appearance up would be after kids. About 26 weeks pregnant, I remember looking down at my perfectly manicured nails and thinking, “This is something I will keep up. Even if life gets crazy chaotic and I’m covered in vomit and haven’t slept in days (I always err on the side of dramatic), I will still paint my nails.” I figured it would be a little token of self-care. Plus, on days when I hadn’t showered, and I couldn’t remember if I’d brushed my teeth, it would make me feel less…gross.

Y’all, I have kept this up. For sixteen months, in the midst of teething, toddlerhood, and everything in between, I have painted my nails, once a week, every week. My adorably delusional, pre-motherhood self was right. It does make me feel better! When I’m running errands looking and feeling like a hot mess, I think, “At least my nails look great!” Small victories, people, small victories.

I then started to wonder: what other low effort, big impact beauty tips, hacks, and tricks can I find? So I present to you my Lazy Mom’s Guide to Beauty.

  1. Paint your nails. I paint on Sunday evenings after the kiddos are in bed. I fight the Sunday Scaries with a glass of wine and an episode of Shameless while my nails dry. My favorite brand is Essie Gel Couture – this stuff goes on like a dream and I can easily get seven full days of little signs of wear and no chips. 
  2. Lipstick. I have fought wearing lipstick for the entirety of my adult life. Every time I wear it, I feel like I look either like a hooker or a child who got into Mama’s makeup. It’s a classic beauty tip that is so true: if you’ve got makeup on, lipstick is the finishing touch to tie it all together. Also, science has brought us a long way – there are so many brands that have all-day, stay-put lipstick. One application gets me through the majority of a work day. (You can follow along on my Instagram stories as I review nearly every lipstick sample that comes in my monthly Birchbox subscriptions.) 
  3. Brows. At minimum, fill them in with a pencil. I promise they won’t look drawn on if you do it right. I visit the Brow Magicians at Paulina Esthetics Boutique in the Tosa Village. Kelley has been carefully training me to leave my brows alone and my brows to grow this way for the last decade and a half. I wax and tint every six weeks. If I’m doing my make up, I’ll go the extra step and fill them in. It’s a beauty tip that honestly changes your entire face. 
  4. The French Tuck. Thank you, Tan France, for elevating my pretty consistent at-home uniform of jeans and a t-shirt. I avoided it for months, because I figured I couldn’t pull it off. Why would I draw attention to the ONE area of my body I actively try to hide? But, I’ll be darned if it doesn’t take a “meh” looking outfit up at least one full notch just by tucking in that one to two inches of fabric! I’m sold, Tan.

There you have it. Beauty tips and tricks from a very non-beauty blogger. What’s your favorite low effort, high reward beauty tip?

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