Celebrate Fat Tuesday with the Best Paczki in Milwaukee


The season of Lent is just around the corner, which means it’s time for a time-honored tradition for many Milwaukeeans — Paczki Day! And no, these are not just your standard jelly doughnut. Anyone who has ever experienced a Paczki in Milwaukee will tell you it’s become a special treat they look forward to all year long!

How exactly do you say "Paczki?"

Paz-key, Pooch-key, Pass-kee — we may not agree on a way to say it, but we can all agree that Paczki Day is an AWESOME tradition.

History of Paczki in Milwaukee

Polish immigrants began coming to Milwaukee in the 1850s, and by 1905 were the second-largest ethnic group in our fair city. Paczki originally came over with them, and Paczki day is now a significant presence in Milwaukee culture.

Paczki Day is always celebrated on Fat Tuesday. Legend says it began as a way to use up the ingredients that were traditionally forbidden during Lent and wound up leading to the creation of this beloved treat that causes a mad rush at bakeries all over the city. If you need to get your Paczki fix, call ahead and order early to make sure you don’t miss out!

Places to Dig In to the Best Paczki in Milwaukee

Aggie’s Bakery

7328 W. Greenfield Ave., Milwaukee; (414) 482-1288

In addition to some of the most legendary Paczki in the Milwaukee area, Aggie’s offers king cake AND Mardi Gras cookies. Yum!

Photo courtesy Aggie’s Bakery

Cranky Al’s

6901 W. North Ave., Wauwatosa; (414) 258-5282

I can’t guarantee their supply will last past the morning, so you may want to order ahead online but they do have pizza if you’re also looking for a dinner option!

Goddess and the Baker

340 High Street, Brookfield, (262) 505-6560

Featuring Paczki flavors in 6-packs such as raspberry, bavarian cream, and blueberry, this newcomer to the Paczki scene isn’t playing around. They will also have King Cakes, Mardi Gras Cookies, and more!

Grebe’s Bakery

5132 W. Lincoln Ave., West Allis; (414) 543-7000

My husband and I love their crullers and grab them from Sendiks regularly. I can’t wait to try their Paczki!

Holey Moley

316 N. Milwaukee St., Third Ward; (414) 308-1616

Gluten-Friendly and Vegan options available in their regular donuts, so be sure to pick up a few of those, too. Your friends and colleagues with dietary restrictions will thank you!

Jen’s Sweet Treats

4745 S Packard Ave, Cudahy; (414) 940-0725

Make sure you pre-order your Paczki from Jen’s Sweet Treats! They will be available on Fat Tuesday. Flavors include: Raspberry, Lemon, Bavarian, Whipped Cream and Prune. $12 per dozen!

National Bakery

Locations in Brookfield, Greendale, and the South Side.

Expect a line around the block because National Bakery is known far and wide as some of the absolute BEST Paczki in Milwaukee!

Polish Community Center

6941 S. 68th St, Franklin; (414) 529-2140

You can order online!

Sweet Perfections

1501 Paramount Dr., Unit C, Waukesha; (262) 446-2253

As Wisconsin as Paczki Day is, Sweet Perfections takes it a step further with their Boozy Paczki. Vodka shooter, Bailey’s Cherry Bombshell, Spiced Bananas Foster, Mudslide, and of COURSE, Brandy Old Fashioned.

Wherever you decide to go, I recommend going EARLY and leaving extra time to allow for the line. If all else fails, or you’re in a rush, most local grocery stores have four-packs you can grab. Enjoy!


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