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Brookfield Lunch Spots

Working outside of the home has its advantages (and disadvantages). One silver lining is the flexibility to run errands and enjoy quiet peaceful lunches. It’s a little mid-week luxury to run into stores or get my oil changed without towing the diaper bag or mapping out routes based on nap schedules.

If that isn’t a classic “mom statement,” I don’t know what is!

Do you typically eat at your desk? I’m guilty of doing this even though I know it’s mindless eating and I feel so much better when I go for a walk or simply pivot my chair so my back faces the monitor.

On the rare occasion that I don’t pack my lunch, here are my top lunch spots in the Brookfield and Elm Grove area: 

  1. Sweet Tooth – This little bakery in Elm Grove serves fresh salads and sandwiches and of course, the bakery and espresso drinks are glorious (and worth every calorie!) 
  2. Grassroots – Custom-made salads, dressings and salads. Everything is fresh and the topping portions are generous! 
  3. First Watch Cafe – I just found out about this place and I’m kicking myself for not trying it earlier. Arrive early (around 11:30) because this spot fills up fast. Fresh-pressed juices, eggs, and bacon. Mmmm, bacon. 
  4. The “Basic” Mom Trifecta: More times than I’d like to admit, I’ll hit up Trader Joes, Target and Starbucks in the same lunch hour. In a small radius, you can pick up diapers, dark chocolate almonds and coffee. Errands that are sure to brighten up anyone’s afternoon!

My company will be moving downtown this spring and I’m excited to explore the lunch scene in a whole new neighborhood. What are your favorite lunch spots or activities I may have missed in Brookfield or that I should plan on checking out in the downtown area?  

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Lindsay is a lifelong Wisconsinite living in Wauwatosa with her husband, two children (Ingrid and Louie) and dog (Harper). She finds happiness on her yoga mat and baking in the kitchen. Lindsay loves exploring the city, believes in to-do lists and that camping isn’t complete without an air mattress. She is excited to be a contributor to the MkeMB team and blogs her story at


  1. When you move downtown, let me know and we can do lunch. I know of a few spots that are great – and then maybe we can team up on a sequel to this post!?!


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