Good Foods Celebrates GUACtoberfest With Creative, Family-Pleasing Guacamole Recipes

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good foods guacamole

Back in “the before times” when I would go out to a restaurant with friends, my absolute favorite was to go somewhere that made fresh guacamole tableside. It was almost mesmerizing to watch someone slice open a perfectly ripe avocado and combine the fresh ingredients into something so creamy, flavorful, and “can’t stop eating it” addicting.

I’ve tried to recreate the perfect guac at home many times over, and have never been able to nail it. It’s hard enough to pinpoint the PRECISE MOMENT when the avocados are perfectly ripe, and I never seem to be able to get the correct ratio of salt/spice/lime right. As much as I adore guacamole, I’ve really missed out on enjoying it at home.

Perfect Guacamole at Home? Good Foods Comes in Clutch.

Now that families are at home a lot more than ever before and tableside guac is indefinitely paused, Wisconsin-based company Good Foods has joined forces with Jazzy Shea, founder of the meal-planning app, “Your Dinner is Planned,” to share some fun ways to use their ready-made guacamole at home in delicious, family-pleasing recipes. Enter GUACtoberfest! We had the opportunity to chat with Jazzy about what busy families can do to make creative meal planning easier, how she’s staying creative with food, and some of her favorite ways to use guacamole that folks might not expect! Jasmine Shea, also known as @JazzyThings on Instagram, has a mission to show others how easy and fun it can be to get simple, healthy meals on the dinner table in a short amount of time.

Chatting with Jazzy Shea about GUACtoberfest

I hopped on the phone to chat with Jazzy Shea about her love of food, her desire to make mealtimes simpler and even her current IVF journey toward the goal of motherhood. One thing ran through the entire conversation — when it comes to parenthood, food, and managing our wellness through hard times, we are all on our own journeys and community and connection are crucial to supporting one another! Oh, and we also talked about guacamole.

A Journey to Motherhood

As we all know, parenthood takes many different forms, and each and every mother finds herself on a unique journey. For Jazzy, walking the path of IVF has been “a unique waiting period that involves a lot of surrender and trust.” As many parents who have also walked this road will affirm, self-care and patience are a huge part of navigating the process, which is where Jazzy’s passion for healthy, simple food comes in.

No More Meal Decision Fatigue

All of us have experienced that moment (maybe several times this week) where we look at the clock and realized we have to figure out what we are going to feed our people…..again. The decision fatigue kicks in because we’ve already made countless decisions about literally everything else and we are just DONE. Jazzy knows this fatigued feeling all too well which is why she created Your Dinner is Planned. This app provides you with five new recipes each week, complete with a categorized grocery list. It saves time, helps you cut down on food decisions, and each week features recipes you can easily involve your kiddos in the shopping, chopping and cooking to get them excited about mealtime. Plus, Jazzy has designed her recipes to be “simple, simple, simple” above all else!

Good Foods GUACtoberfest and Fave Guacamole Recipes

Jazzy will be the first to exclaim about Good Foods Guac, “I am genuinely obsessed with their guacamole!” Why? The flavor is amazing and she explains, “It has a lid to seal it so that it doesn’t get browned right away. The guacamole is made from hand-scooped avocados at peak ripeness with no preservatives, so you’re getting that fresh flavor. It’s awesome on your simple everyday meals that add in veggies and healthy fats for you and your kids!”

So what is GUACtoberfest? It’s a “celebration of all things guacamole” and she enjoyed creating simple and creative recipes that featured Good Foods Guacamole. Her favorite? The Homemade Pretzel Bites with Guacamole. Though at first, she thought making pretzels at home would be challenging (like a failed sourdough starter she attempted earlier on in the pandemic), they wound up being much simpler than she anticipated and were absolutely delicious dipped in guac. Pair them with a pumpkin beer and you’ve got a killer fall appetizer or snack you will want to make again ASAP. Her husband’s pick was the Guac Taco Pizza, an easy recipe that would make a perfect spin on Taco Tuesday!

good foods guacamole

Getting Creative with Cooking at Home

We asked Jazzy if she had any tips for those of us who have run out of steam when it comes to meal planning and making meals at home that aren’t the same things we’ve been making over and over again. She suggests finding inspiration from a new ingredient. “Start with a vegetable your kids haven’t tried before and go from there,” she explains. “Bring your kiddo to the store and have them pick a new ingredient in the produce section and then do some searches on Pinterest for something that jumps out at you and involve them in making a meal based on that new thing. We can easily get into a routine or a rut and you can disrupt it by choosing that one brand new item to build a menu around. Or, try adding something fun and new to your standard menu, like guacamole on eggs!”

good foods guacamole

Share the Love Recipe Challenge

Think you have what it takes to make a fun and creative guacamole recipe that rivals Jazzy’s Tortilla Guac Bites? Head to to learn more about the Good Foods Share the Love Recipe Challenge where you can submit your favorite recipes featuring a wide variety of Good Foods products, including their guacamole, to be entered to win up to $1000!

Ready to try some of these Good Foods Guacamole Recipes?

Grab some Good Foods Chunky Guacamole at a retailer near you to create some unique, versatile and absolutely delicious recipes. With four fabulous guacamole recipes to choose from – we’re sure you will find a favorite!



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