My Family’s Secret Recipe for the Perfect Holiday Drink | Featuring Hudsonville Ice Cream


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Holiday Ice Cream Drink

Many of us will be celebrating some pretty major holidays at home this year, not surrounded by the family and friends we are used to toasting over a jolly meal or at the stroke of midnight. Ice cream can make the most wonderful time of year sweeter and more special when you’re sharing a scoop with someone you love. We’re here to help you make your at-home festivities just as jolly as ever with an amazing recipe for the perfect holiday ice cream drink!

The Perfect Holiday Ice Cream Drink: Featuring Hudsonville Creamery Blend Vanilla

Hypothesis: the best way to celebrate is a fancy cocktail or dessert. Or a fancy cocktail dessert. So without further ado, please let me introduce the Skarich Family Celebratory drink.

The legend of the Skarich Family Celebratory Drink goes a little something like this.

Over 30 years ago, my mom fell in love with an aperitif from a local Serbian restaurant. As she was wont to do, she tried using her part-flirting/part-teacher-voice ways to sweet-talk her way into getting the recipe for herself. Alas, the waiter wouldn’t budge.

Next, my mom called the restaurant, pretending to be an editor for Bon Appétit magazine who worked on the column where customers asked for their favorite restaurant to publish their favorite recipes. This one worked! She got the recipe for her personal enjoyment (and for the record, did send it on to Bon Appétit. Don’t know if it ever made it in the magazine though…) and made it for our extended family at the next get together to celebrate.

The drink uses ice cream, creme de noyaux, and a Serbian liqueur called Kruskovac. You can find this pear brandy at Ray’s or other specialty liquor stores.

Long story short, this drink has become what we have whenever we have a reason to celebrate – Christmas, New Years, weddings, babies, funerals… If there was a reason to raise a glass, you could guarantee our glasses were filled with something pink.

And so I present to you the recipe for the Skarich Family Celebratory Drink. What we have considered a (stolen) family secret for so long needs to be out in the open as we finally turn the page on 2020 and see what fantastic things are in store for the new year.

Here’s to many delicious discoveries for all in 2021!

BTW – Since we are using fancy liqueurs, I suggest also getting a really quality ice cream like the Creamery Blend Vanilla from Hudsonville Ice Cream. Grab your shopping list, check it twice, and head to your local grocery store to pick up this delicious Midwest-made ice cream. You can find many delicious flavors (including some really unique ones that would go great with holiday cakes and cookies … Ice cream sandwich, anyone??) locally at Fresh Thyme, Meijer, Sendik’s, and Woodman’s. Use this Scoop Locator to find your closest store.

Holiday Ice Cream Drink

Whatever you are celebrating this season, this festive ice cream concoction will be the perfect toasting drink!
Servings 4 people


  • 2 oz creme de noyaux
  • 1 px Kruskovac*
  • 1 cup Hudsonville Creamery Blend Vanilla ice cream slightly softened


  • Place all ingredients in a blender, starting with the liquids, and mix until a milkshake-like consistency forms.
  • Pour into small glasses to serve. It's a powerful drink! A little bit goes a long way.
  • Cheers!


 * If you don't have Kruskovac, you can use creme de cacao for a traditional pink squirrel.
Mocktail version - replace the alcohol with equal parts maraschino cherry juice. 

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