Four Kid-Friendly Dinner Ideas (and a Bonus Bang for Your Buck!)


A Kid-Friendly Dinner that parents want to eat too? It’s not impossible!

As we stare down the new school year, so many things are different or unfamiliar. Do you know what promises to stay the same? Everyone needs to eat. Nope, that task isn’t dropping from our to-do list even if 8,000 new things are on it as the kids go back to school. Luckily, creating kid-friendly dinners for those busy weeknights is easier than you might imagine!

kid friendly dinner ideas

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Maggie, the owner of The Real Good Life, a meal delivery service helping real-life superheroes like yourself get dinner on the table. Naturally, I would love to take it off your plate entirely and have you place an order with us. In the meantime, here are five kid-friendly dinners from around the internet my family has personally tested that will leave everybody licking their plate clean.

Cozy Lemon Pasta

This delicious dish from How Sweet Eats is perfect for our transitional fall weather. It’s light enough that it will work well with grilled chicken breast or a salad, but you can lean heavier on the cream and pair with roasted veggies just as well. My girls called this “fancy mac and cheese.” Dinner doesn’t get more kid-friendly than mac and cheese.

Chicken Tikka Masala

If Indian food is new to you as it is to me, and it isn’t your idea of a kid-friendly dinner, then this is a perfect introductory entree. Even the description on calls it late-night food over traditional, but either way, we lap up the sauce in our house! I serve it with rice and a side of green peas for color.

Honey Mustard Grilled Salmon

Kid-friendly seafood dinners aren’t limited to fish sticks. Salmon is almost the world’s perfect food as it’s so healthy for you, but also tastes great! It tastes even better when coated in this simple sauce and grilled over an open flame. Then again, wouldn’t shoe leather taste better if grilled? Pair this with whatever veggies come in your CSA that week.

The simplest kid-friendly dinner: Slow-Cooker Pork Roast

I will just say “you’re welcome” right now for introducing you to this super simple yet so, so, so good way to make pork roast. Set up the sauce in 2 minutes and let the crockpot do its magic. I don’t follow up on the cornstarch part of the recipe, and it’s still great. Bonus-this will make enough meat for at least two meals, if not more. Freeze the extra for way later down the line, or use it the next night for tacos, fried rice, or a hash. Tonight, serve it as sammies with sweet potato fries.

Bang Bang Sauce

Yes, for this month’s bonus, I’m just giving you a sauce recipe. But guys and gals, it’s way more than just sauce. I believe “I put that stuff on everything” is already trademarked, but I most definitely do. For this week’s menu, I’d use it as a dipping sauce for the sweet potato fries or a quick marinade for the veggies you grill with the salmon. It’s a great taco topping, and I’ve also been known to put it on top of a rice bowl. Of course, fry up some chicken or shrimp and coat it in the sauce for a copy cat restaurant recipe.

Bonus! Restaurant Recommendation

Rice and Roll Bistro

In case you need a last-minute escape from the kitchen, let me recommend Rice and Roll Bistro on Milwaukee’s east side. Their menu is extensive, pulling in creative sushi recipes for the more experimental in your bunch and working all-the-way down to a simple teriyaki chicken for those that need familiar food. They are doing COVID-safety spectacularly, ensuring the safety of takeout customers and food. Delivery is also a great option but do plan slightly ahead. It takes over an hour if you’re anywhere close to dinnertime. On the plus side – they somehow work magic to keep your sushi cold and your hot food hot even if it’s in the same bag.

So that’s what I’m eating this month. How about you?



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