Love Letter to My Instant Pot


My dearest magical appliance: the Instant Pot,

I owe you a huge thank you. You’ve been part of our lives- part of our family- for a year now, and I can’t imagine life without you.

Sure, some people think of you as “just a kitchen appliance,” but you are so much more to us. You’re a member of our family. We named you (“Hurry Potter”). You’re not hidden away in the pantry like the blender or the one-trick-pony slow cooker. No, you have a spot of honor, prominently displayed in our kitchen at all times.

You’re a vital part of our family dinner times at least four days a week, serving up delicious meals for the six of us.

You’ve taught us things, and you’ve given us so much. For that, I want to thank you.

Kid meal prep

You make dinner so easy. And because of that, you help make prep time into family time. My son has always been interested in helping make dinner, but my daughters haven’t been as interested. When they see you plugged in, they rush over to see if they can help measure, chop, and stir. They want to push the buttons, and they can’t wait to see, smell, and taste the deliciousness contained within your stainless steel bowl.

New tastes and foods

All the kids are pretty adventurous with foods, which I realize is amazing in itself. But you, dear Instant Pot, make experimenting with different spices and flavors easy and nutritious.

Time with family

Probably the thing I’m most grateful for, my dear appliance, is the gift of time. I don’t even know how you infuse such amazing flavors into our food in such a short amount of time, but not having to hang out in the kitchen for hours has given us time to spend together. Time for bike riding and chalk art in the driveway. Time for playing on the swing set and having family game night. Time to be together.

So thank you, my dear Instant Pot, from the bottom of my heart (and very full stomach). XO



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