Going All Around The World To Make Lunch More Fun


Your kid says “no more sandwiches” and you think your head will explode. How are you supposed to make a healthy lunch that said kiddo will actually eat without this lunchtime staple?!

Alas, I am here to help! Let’s take a tour of the world to add a bit of creativity to your little’s lunchbox without taking too much of that precious morning time to make.

kids lunchMilwaukee

We start at home in Milwaukee, we are known for a few things, namely cheese, beer, and motorcycles. Only one of those things makes a good 10-year-old’s lunch, so let’s focus on it! Cube up a couple types of cheese. Serve with apples, crackers, and a mustard-dipping sauce. Add in a sweet treat from Kehr’s and you’ll be the most loved mom on the block.


When we think Japan, we think sushi. I know some kids do great with the real deal. If that sounds like who you are making lunch for, then give a California roll a whirl. (I wouldn’t go the raw fish route as refrigeration might be a problem.) Otherwise, if your kids need something a bit more familiar, try this PBJ sushi. My toddler got a big kick out of this dish and snarfed it up!


Let’s head to India for a vegetarian lunch option. Make your own hummus or buy the packaged kind, cup up carrots, red peppers, and celery, and rip naan into cracker-sized pieces. Tada, lunch is ready! Another option is baba ganoush, which is just as much fun to make as it is to say. This version goes great with the dippers mentioned above. 


Next we go to Italy – the land of good bread, pasta and wine, AKA my happy place. Try a bruschetta-type open-faced sandwich with good Italian bread, fresh tomatoes, and mozzarella balls. Store the bread in one compartment and the topping mix in another. The kids can top at lunch time to make sure the bread doesn’t get soggy in transit.

If you’re looking to skip bread entirely, how about a cold pasta salad of hard salami, cheese, and a few sauteed vegetables? (Tip: make this as a hot pasta dish for dinner the night before. Two meals, one prep time FTW!)


Next we pop over to France, the home of the easy picnic lunch. A slice of baguette, a hunk of cheese, a bit of ham, and a dab of jam or honey make a great DIY lunch for the little guy or gal. In Milwaukee, add a macaroon from Rocket Baby Bakery or Le Reve Patisserie for an authentic something sweet.

Healthy Wrap LunchMexico

Before we head home, let’s stop in the warm climes of Mexico, where chips and salsa reign. What kid wouldn’t love a lunch of this snack? Pick up a salsa with black beans for fiber and add guacamole to the bag for healthy fat. If you want something more “lunchy”, roll up lettuce, turkey, guacamole, and a bunch of matchstick-cut veggies into a tortilla real tight. Slice into pinwheels or serve whole. Serve with salsa for dipping. Ole!


If you need even more ideas for lunch, please check out our Pinterest board and tell us your unique lunch ideas in the comments below.


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