My Favorite Cold Weather Recipes


My Favorite Cold Weather Recipes

One of the great things about the weather turning cold in Wisconsin is getting back to some good old comfort foods. If you’re looking for some new cold-weather recipes, here are a few of my family’s favorites that I am excited to share with you. There’s a recipe here for every family. 

A White Chicken Chili

Everyone from my one-year-old to my spice-loving husband enjoys this meal. It’s easy to start in the morning and leave in the crockpot on low heat all day. The end is a little bit laborious with chicken shredding and adding a quick roux for thickening, but it’s so worth it. I recently served this to my dad when he came to help with a house project, and he asked me to be sure to send the recipe to my mom.  At our house, we top with sour cream and Fritos. 

Classic Comfort Food

This one is a quick take on a chicken pot pie, but it’s so much easier because instead of assembling what will surely be a deflated and disappointing crust, you just whip up this recipe with egg noodles. Everyone loves this creamy, comforting twist on a classic. Nothing is better for cold weather than this. I also love to make this for new families having babies, because honestly, who doesn’t love chicken pot pie? 

Hearty soup (that’s also vegan!)

We are meat eaters in this house. Very rarely do we find a recipe that leaves us full and satisfied that isn’t full of meat. However, this soup is a family favorite, and also happens to be vegetarian and vegan. It’s super smooth and creamy, a great cold-weather recipe. It comes together super quickly and is very filling. As a bonus, it’s a great first food for babies. If you’re doing double duty in making baby food, this one is an excellent starter with tons of flavors. 

My only note here is to use an actual food processor, not a blender because the texture of the sweet potatoes won’t be smooth enough with the power a blender offers. 

Familiar, but not boxed

If you’re looking for a different take on boxed Hamburger Helper, this is the cold weather recipe for you. There is the bonus of being the easiest thing ever because it’s an Instant Pot recipe. You’ll likely have many of these ingredients on hand anyway, so if you need a quick meal that everyone in the family will surely eat, this is the one for you. 

Something a Little More Interesting (and gluten-free!)

This recipe is an absolute favorite of everyone in the family. It says 20 minutes, but that’s not including the time it takes to chop all your veggies, so add another 20 minutes if your knives are as dull as mine. We like to use lots of crunchy veggies and go with broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts, asparagus, and peppers. I buy the curry paste from Cermak (Asian aisle, top shelf). To make this recipe less spicy and more creamy, I swap the amounts of curry paste and peanut butter. My 3-year-old eats it this way, but I dilute a small amount of sauce with even more peanut butter for my 1-year-old. My husband adds more curry paste for more spice. All this to say, the spice level is very much adjustable. A bonus of being gluten-free, we probably make this meal once every two weeks all year round. 

I cannot wait to add more and more cold-weather recipes to my list, so please, for the love of all delicious food, add your favorite recipes to the comments. What is your family’s favorite?


  1. Kristen! I was just meal planning for the week and am so thankful you shared this. I already have egg noodles on hand and can’t wait to try your comfort food suggestion out on my kiddos!


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