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You know how sometimes a simple moment can spark the most delicious inspiration? Like, when eating brownie with ice cream one might think “I bet this would make for a great ice cream sandwich” and then, in the name of research, spend two months perfecting the recipe. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, please enjoy the fruits of my labor. I know my family did.

The Best Blondie Ice Cream Sandwich

I love a good chocolate chip cookie + vanilla ice cream sandwich, but when not smashed together, we typically have ice cream with brownies more often than with cookies, right? With that in mind, my first version of this sweet treat used brownies but I found them to be too rich. (I know, I can’t believe I’m saying that either.)

In my next iteration, I tried blondies instead. Blondies are the shape and heft of a brownie but with a similar flavor profile of a chocolate chip cookie. I topped one slab of blondie with ice cream and then the other 8X8 slab. Obviously, it has to go in the freezer to firm up the ice cream, but that made the blondie hard as a rock. I couldn’t actually cut them into single-serve sandwiches!

For this last, perfected version, I first cut the blondies into the shapes I’d ultimately want. To do this, I stacked the two 8X8 squares of blondies on top of each other and cut the stacks into four equal(ish) squares. From there, I tried to cut into roughly 1″ bars. I say “tried” because you’ll need to shave off any edge pieces that are taller than the rest of the bar to ensure the stack stays upright. This will leave you with a few kid-sized sammies and (oh, shucks!) some blondie scraps you need to eat up along the way.

From there, spread one to three tablespoons of your favorite ice cream on the bottom blondie and top with the other blondie. Store in a freezer-safe, air-tight container until it’s time to eat. Put on the counter 2-10 minutes before eating to allow the blondie to soften slightly. Serve with lots of napkins and prepare for adorable sticky, smiling faces! This dessert will be a HUGE hit with everyone and all the recipes I’ve found were home-runs, taking the guesswork out for you!

What ice cream should we use? Well, I love pretty much any flavor from Hudsonville Ice Cream. For this dessert, I tried their Toasted Coconut Ice Cream. It was a cool complement to the coconut flakes in my favorite blondie recipe. I used both their traditional dairy and Dairy Free versions and they were both delicious! Dairy Free worked a little better in this recipe, as it was easier to spread.

A quick word about Dairy Free ice cream – Hudsonville Ice Cream has figured it out! They use coconut cream and oat milk in their Dairy Free flavors to give the ice cream the creamy texture we all know and love. Dare I say it – it might be better than traditional!

My favorite blondie recipe is this one via The Real Good Life. If you’re doing Dairy Free all around, then give this version from The Spruce Eats a try.

Don’t feel like baking from scratch? When you pick up the Hudsonville ice cream at an area Sendik’s, buy six of their wicked brownies. Cut them into 1/2″ bars as they are SUPER rich. Looking to go gluten-free? Then try the Ethel’s Baking Co gluten-free blondies you can find there, too.

If you’re going to Meijer for your Hudsonville Ice Cream, try the FoodStir’s blondie mix to get you halfway there. And don’t forget your $2 off coupon to start the Sweetest Summer Ever with Hudsonville Ice Cream! 

However you bake it, this fun twist on an ice cream sandwich is sure to be a hit for your family!

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