A Big Age Gap in My Kids is, Nothin’ But a Number


When people see my kids and me in public, we usually get some stares and strange looks. I have two kids that are taller than I am and a toddler in my arms.

But why does my kids’ age gap get the side-eye?

I have a 14-year-old, 12-year-old, and 2-year-old. Sure, that might “look weird” to some, but what is “normal” these days?
I got all kinds of comments when I was pregnant with my youngest. Mostly about why I am starting over again after I was almost “done.” I will never be “done” raising my children. I don’t care if they’re married with children, they will still need their mom. Or because I had one of each, people assumed I was done having kids. I even had several people ask was my youngest an “accident.” I know people may mean well, but their comments can be hurtful.

In my opinion, a big age gap between kids is nothing but a number.

I don’t think there ever is a right time to have another. And everyone’s story is different. I may have been trying for years to have another, with no luck. Or I may have had several losses before I had my youngest. No one truly knows what I may have been through. So let’s be mindful when we see other families that may not look like yours.

Every child is a blessing to my family, even if there is a big age gap.

Having two older kids is so helpful with the little one, too. They help me when she’s sad and play with her when she wants to play. My son loves being a big brother. He waited for ten years, and he is doing such a great job. And giving my oldest daughter a baby sister is also special to her. It’s a great feeling seeing my two oldest “babies” take care of my new baby.

No matter when you decide to have more children, please don’t ever forget that a big age gap in kids is nothing but a number.

How big is your children’s age gap?


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