A “Boss Babe,” Hustle-Mentality World and the Stay-At-Home Mom


boss babe

Walk down the aisles of Hobby Lobby or everyone’s personal fave, Target. How many items do you see that read, “boss babe?” I honestly lost count. 

Our society is so hyper-focused on the grind. We’re supposed to be constantly hustling in order to make more money so we can have bigger homes and more stuff to fill them with. We’re encouraged to always be reaching for more, to have a “side hustle,” be a “boss babe,” feed the lie that we should be doing ALL THE THINGS! Perfect mother, perfect wife, AND career woman. 

I can’t tell you how many times the words, “I’m just a mom,” have come out of my mouth. JUST A MOM!? As if that is something that is easy or somehow makes me lazy because I’m not out here chasing money.

I see many women in my industry who are doing incredible things. Things that I may have dreamt about in my younger days. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that it makes me feel bad. Am I falling behind? Everything is changing so quickly, what will the industry be like when I go back to work someday? As if mom guilt wasn’t bad enough, now we have to feel guilty about not measuring up professionally, too!?

Life comes in seasons, people! 

It’s ok to focus on motherhood. It’s ok to put goals on hold. It’s ok to say no to financial opportunities that don’t feed your soul. It’s ok if the only person that you’re the boss of is in diapers and calls you mommy.

I know that we all have FOMO. We see others out there chasing professional dreams and owning the “boss babe” lifestyle. Meanwhile, we’re at home wiping boogers and butts, making snacks, and singing baby shark. While it may not sound glamorous, remember that we are shaping our children, who may grow up to be parents, too! Can you think of anything more important than raising and teaching our next generation!? I know I can’t!

I know the days of mommin’ sometimes seem endless, but I wouldn’t trade witnessing those first steps or all the sloppy toddler kisses for any amount of money or success in the world.

We have the rest of our lives to hustle. To grind. To be a “boss babe.” But you can never get those precious moments with your babies back.


  1. Its great to hear someone saying exactly what I am feeling, and what so many of us experience as new moms. The sacrifice to stay home is really a tough struggle for sure. Thank you for sharing this

    • I can relate so much to this article as a SAHM!
      I often feel the pressure of the Boss Babe culture and this has added unnecessary stress.
      I have to remind myself that being a SAHM is just as important and more rewarding…also that when I enter back into the workforce all will be well.

  2. I agree with the sentiments, and think the SAHM gig is the hardest of all. However, just because women work outside the home does not mean they are not also “wiping boogers and butts, making snacks, and singing baby shark…and shaping our children to be future parents“ (& professionals, leaders, and volunteers). It takes all kinds of women to make the world go round – we each have different skills and are needed in different places. Set your own definition of “boss babe.” Do what makes you (& your family) happiest. I personally feel like a “boss babe” when I tackle my to-do list – doesn’t matter that those items are.


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