Apps I Can’t Live Without


AI am constantly on my phone. Not always to fall down the Facebook rabbit hole…however that does happen from time to time. I use my phone to keep life organized, so here are some of my favorite apps that make my life as a mom a whole lot easier.

  • Weatherbug: It’s Wisconsin. It’s winter.  Now is the time I turn on the alerts and pay close attention to see if I can wear my cute pumps or if I must don the boots. 
  • Notes: Yes, the notes app that comes with the phone. I have my notes synced with my Gmail account so I can access them from phone, tablet and computer.
  • Gmail: Speaking of Gmail. I loved the changes that Gmail made to tabs and the app works just the same – it’s way better then the Mail app, however I do still use the Mail app for some of my other email accounts.
  • WordPress: Hello, blogging! I’ve found that the WordPress app is pretty good these days. Years ago when I first downloaded it, not so much – but now it’s great. I can reply to comments, compose a post and check stats all from my phone.
  • Artkive: This app is an online scrapbook for kids’ school work. I must admit I don’t use it much any more because it turns out that first graders bring home more homework pages than art, but it’s perfect for keeping the pile of preschool masterpieces under control.
  • Calendar: Seems obvious right? But are you sharing your calendar through gmail or iCloud? Husband has his own calendar, our daughter has her own calendar and I have both personal and work calendars. The best part about these shared calendars? Color coded.
  • MLB app: Helps me keep track of my beloved Brewers even during the off season.
  • LastPass: How many passwords do you use in a day? I use one. I have to remember my master password and that’s it. I started using LastPass a few years ago. It’s a free online password vault – the iPhone app costs a few dollars a year but to me it’s totally worth it to keep track of my passwords.
  • Evernote: I cannot tell you how much I love Evernote. Think of it as an online notebook. Keep track of notes, websites, articles, photos, you name it.
  • Timehop: Timehop is an app that allows you to see what you posted on this day in your social media history. For those of you with kids, I’d a great way to see photos you posted of your kids when they were little. I’ve been on Facebook for eight years and Twitter for six, so there’s plenty of history there.
  • Shazam: Wonder who is singing that song? Shazam knows, will tell you the details and allow you to keep that info for later. I just checked my list and I must really love “Stay A Little Longer” by Brothers Osborne because I’ve saved it three times in two months…
  • IMDB: Internet Movie Database.We were using this website long before it was an app. Who’s that actress? What else was she in? Oh, remember, she was in that one show with Kevin Bacon? Yep, you can figure it all out using this app.
  • Camera: Why? To take photos of our amazing life.
Admirals! Fashionista! Rockstar! Crazy8's!
Admirals! Fashionista! Rockstar! Crazy8’s!

I could go on and on…but this is a pretty good list of my favorites. I love to hear about good apps, so what are your favorites?


  1. Wunderlist it’s a to do list on crack! I love it.
    Tiny Calendar syncs with our gmail calendar ( I liked the look of it better)
    Grocery List separate from my to do list thingy, ( I like lists!)
    Pandora and iTunes free music because sometimes me or the littles need to shake it for free!


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