Beyond Dr. Seuss: More Books for Young Readers


Many of us grew up with Dr. Seuss’s books, but for Read Across America Day, we want to encourage you to explore some great books for young readers you might not have discovered yet. Head over to your favorite local library and pick one (or more) of these team favorites up today!

Author Spotlight: Shawnta

Our very own Shawnta Smith Sayner writes adorable children’s picture books featuring multicultural illustrations and heartfelt rhyme. With an approach dedicated to supporting self-love, self-care, diversity, and inclusion, her “Let’s Share” series empowers young readers to communicate, care, and connect! Discover and explore more at

More books the young readers in our lives love:

young readers

“Been on these feelings books lately called Ninja Life Hacks, Nhin….simple explanations or scenarios easily relatable or understood by kids.” -Abbey.

“I just got a copy of “A is for Activist, Nagara for our Little Free Library, and it’s adorable!” -Sarah.

Monster Trouble, Fredrickson: Winifred isn’t afraid of monsters, but these guys are keeping her from falling asleep! What’s a girl to do?
My Truck is Stuck, Lewis & Kirk: A fun ride for any truck-loving kiddo.
Good Night Good Night Construction Site, Rinker: Vivid illustrations and creative rhymes are included in this book that any kid who has ever been mesmerized by large equipment will love.
The Gruffalo, Donaldson: An imaginative mouse invents a fearsome creature to keep the fox, owl, and snake who want to eat him at bay.
Little Blue Truck, Schertle: Prepare for lots of onomatopoeia. Truck sounds and farm noises punctuate this book.
Rosie Revere, Engineer, Beaty: Do your kids see magical creations in all sorts of randomly discarded items (ahem, trash)? If so, they will find a kindred spirit in Rosie.
Giraffes Can’t Dance, Andreae: This book is great for any kid who dances to the beat of their own drum. Spoiler: the giraffe can dance.
Snuggle Puppy, Boynton: You can’t go wrong with any Boynton book, but this one is especially adorable. Beware– volume changes ahead.
Green is a Chile Pepper, R. Thong: A beautiful book that will help with color awareness, with fun insights into Latinx culture weaved throughout.
Feminist Baby, L. Brantz: Adapted from the viral comic, this book series reminds young readers that girls can be anything–including lovers of pink AND blue, dolls AND cars.


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