Balancing Jobs as a Part Time Working Mom


I’m part-time working mom, part-time stay-at-home parent, and full-time confused at how anyone juggles it all. 

After having our girls, an opportunity to work for a growing firm that was woman (and mom!) owned fell into my lap. Best yet, the job was part-time. Three days a week I’d be able to maintain a career doing work I really enjoyed with a team I respected and for managers who believed in me. I had found a unicorn.

It hasn’t been all easy. I’m not, nor have I ever been, really casual about anything in my life. If I am passionate about it, I pretty much dive in the deep end. Like the time I watched Free Willy and then forced my 4th grade class to adopt an orca because I was going to single handedly save every single whale. I go all in.

Given this, you can see how it’s been tricky to balance being both a stay-at-home parent and a working mom. Three days a week, I use my experience and the skill set I’ve built. I grow professionally. I also shower, put on make-up, and wear a bra. The rest of the week, I stay home with our girls. I pretend to keep our house afloat. I wear what can very loosely be defined as “athleisure” wear, and I strive to fulfill my fantasy of winning Wife of the Year by being a part-time domestic Goddess. (Read: I make dinner and hide laundry piles.)

What I’ve really learned is I have no idea how any of you are doing either of these roles full-time. Or more accurately, BOTH of these roles full-time. 

Full-time working moms, when do you do anything? Seriously, on days when I work, I muster up enough energy to get the kiddos to bed before I actually become a part of the couch with just enough power in my brain to turn on Netflix. Do you eventually get your memory back? Or does your life just become an everlasting gobstopper of post-it notes, layer after layer of reminders from now until I die? *writes post-it note reminder to write a will* 

You have inspired me to better manage my time, balance life where I can, and give a whole lot of grace when I can’t. I am so very thankful for the working moms who have returned to work before me and are willing to pass along all of your infinite wisdom.

Stay-at-home mommas, are you all secretly Oscar-winning actresses or did you actually find a way to maintain your sanity?Have you found a way to make those moments between afternoon nap and when your spouse eventually walks through that door not tick by slower than molasses in July? I love my girls and I am unbelievably grateful for this season of my life where I’m home to see them grow. But come Monday? On Mondays I am unbelievably happy to leave them for a while and go to work.

You may not have returned to a career that you had pre-baby, but you are filling all sorts of new roles. You’re equal parts parent, chef, housekeeper, activities coordinator, referee, teacher, and more. Seriously, imagine the resume you should have when your kids are grown. I’m lucky to have the SAHM tribe I do who have taught me to be present, enjoy the moments no matter how slowly they might pass, and hide in the bathroom when they seem to stop.

So to sum this all up, what have I learned? There is no perfect situation, nothing easy about any of this. No matter your role or how much time in a week you spend doing it, you are doing a great job.


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