Embracing Change and My Summer as a SAHM

embracing change
Photo Credit: Meredith Meier Photography

I always knew that I wanted to be a working mom. When I suddenly wasn’t, embracing change wasn’t easy. From as early as I can remember, I had a simple plan for my life: Go to college. Earn a degree. Find a fulfilling job. Get married. Have babies. Balance work and mom life like a boss!

When I had my first daughter in 2011, I didn’t even consider not working. Fast forward seven years to the beginning of 2018, and I was a mom of three young daughters. I had a full time job that was both fulfilling and challenging in all of the right kind of ways. My husband and I balanced all of the things that come with two jobs and three kids.

But then, the company where I had worked and grown professionally for ten years went out of business.

Losing my job after investing a decade into it was most certainly not part of my plan. Talk about life giving you lemons! I was so overwhelmed by this change and I was struggling to turn it into lemonade.

After several talks with my husband and some much needed soul searching, I decided that I would slow down my job hunt and spend the summer as a stay at home mom. (I know how blessed I am to be able to make this decision for myself. I do not take it for granted.)

Once I had decided on this new summer plan – even one that I never thought would be the answer for me – embracing change was easier because I felt like I had regained some control.

Change is inevitable. And as much as we may say we can handle it, change is difficult, scary, and daunting. Even more so when it is out of our control. But if you allow it to be, change can also be refreshing, healing, and inspiring.

After initially struggling with the changes my job loss brought, I chose to trust myself and have faith in the process of embracing change. I do not have it all figured out yet. But I am living in the moment. I’ve been honest with myself about what I want my future to look like. I know my priorities and passion and I won’t settle for less. It is invigorating and I am excited about the future again.

What else have I done with my summer of change?

I have spent so many full days with my daughters. We have visited the zoo, festivals, splash pads, parks, farmers’ markets and beer gardens. We have made slime, art projects, and friendship bracelets. We’ve had play dates with grandparents, cousins and new friends. We’ve eaten all the popsicles! I have snuck away for lunch dates with my husband. I have read so much that I’ve had to add books to my summer reading list. I tackled DIY projects around the house. And instead of feeling sorry for myself, I’m feeling thankful knowing that this is a summer I will always remember.

Not only did my daughters fill my summer with memories, but they helped me embrace and learn from the changes that life handed me. My daughters helped me see a new plan when I was feeling overwhelmed about my future. But most importantly, they reminded me that they will always be my #1 plan and priority.

I leave you with this. When you are struggling with change, have faith in yourself, trust that the struggle is temporary, and embrace change that life hands you. Change has a powerful way of opening your eyes to the simple things in life that ultimately mean the most.



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