What Exactly is a #MomBoss?


Momboss Taking Care of Business

Friends were recently discussing what actually is a #Momboss. What exactly qualifies someone to acquire that particular hashtag moniker? 

I had a general understanding, but on a recent night, it hit me…….

I think I am one*.

The scene: It’s 5:45 pm on a Tuesday. I’ve got the baby on a hip, dinner in the oven, and am using my free hand to finish up some of the day’s paperwork. My hair and makeup actually look pretty good because I had a networking event that afternoon. I’m wearing scrubby workout clothes because my Zumba class happens later in the evening. I look around and symbolically pat myself on the back for having everything under control.

I mentioned dinner in the oven. Have I told you about the massive pileup of dishes in the sink and counters? We ran the dishwasher two days ago but I can’t seem to make time to put dishes away so I can refill. The husband is already responsible for baths and bedtime for the ladies this evening, so I can’t put that on him, too. (He also was the one who got them ready this morning so I could get out the door. I’ve got a great partner at home!) When I come home from the gym, I’ve already got a list of homework a mile long. The dishes might have to wait until tomorrow if I’m going to get to sleep before midnight.

Looking further around, we’d see the fridge I finally shoveled out this weekend and the floors that get cleaned every now and then. The kitchen table is set for dinner but also holds a pile of toddler artwork, a coven of mismatched baby socks, and, for reasons no one can figure out, one googly eye.

As I stand in the midst of this semi-chaotic scene, I think about how much I have to think about. I think A LOT. What woman doesn’t? We think about our children — their immediate needs, their whines, their adorable faces, their futures. We think about our friends who are our biggest cheerleaders, our family who can simultaneously be both our greatest joy and a pressure point. We think about the never-ending To Do List that only seems to get longer with each passing day. We think about things that need to go on the shopping lists. Did I remember to pay the credit card bill? I really should just get that set up in online billing. When is the last time I backed up our computer? Did I email that client back today? I need to make sure I’m not responding to business emails so late at night. I should order more business cards while VistaPrint is still running that sale!!

And on and on it goes. 

Mombosses definitely waste time on the standard “I should lose a few pounds,” “my house is never clean enough,” “why is my business not growing faster” type thoughts, but we do everything in our power not to stew. Sometimes we are successful, sometimes we are not, but there is no time to ruminate when you’re putting out fires 24/7.

There will be times where you have to suck it up and do it all by yourself AND plenty of opportunities to ask for help. Please, please, please ask for help when you can, friend. No matter what Whitesnake tried to tell us, a Momboss doesn’t do better on your own. You are not a drifter meant to walk alone. Don’t go wasting no more time…..and now I have that song stuck in my head. Anyone else? Show of hands. 

With support via a partner, spouse, a friend, or maybe a robot appliance to suck up the animal hair on the floor, you are bound to do great things AND keep your head screwed on straight. Sometimes.

Moral of the story — I think you are probably a Momboss, too. Whether you are running a business, leading a team, working that side hustle or raising kids to be kind, brave functioning humans, you are absolutely a boss, lady. Throughout your day there are moments of winning and moments of spectacular failure. Please try to focus on the wins. No one cried during breakfast! Free donuts in the breakroom! You had an actual conversation with your spouse! You finally nailed your attempt at filling in your brows! The more you focus on the wins, the more you will feel like you are accomplishing things.

Mombosses get stuff done.

So go get stuff done, girlfriend!!

*I started this blog post 45 seconds after waking up one morning, still half asleep but with 10 minutes until the house will explode with noise, laughter and “hurry ups.” I continued a few days later during seven minutes I had at the gym before my two hours of kid care was over, and finished it with about 14 minutes to spare before it was due while the older daughter was napping and the toddler was busy with a sheet of bubble wrap. Yep, I am definitely a Momboss.


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