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25 Days of Christmas

After my husband and I got married, I was looking for a way to celebrate the holiday season with him that didn’t revolve around presents.

As any young, newly married couple can relate, we didn’t have piles of money just sitting around and I wanted to put an emphasis on experiences versus things. I wanted to be able to look back and have memories of our time together; we already had enough “things” cluttering up our home.

A quick Pinterest search landed me with MANY ideas. After looking over the search results, I came up with the idea to do a “25 days of Christmas.”  This allowed me to give my husband “something” each day leading up to Christmas morning.

I then started to compile a list of as many local holiday events that I could find, the more that were free or low cost, the better! These were a few of the things I included in the past.

  • Holiday Light Exhibits
  • Tree Lighting
  • Orchestra Concerts
  • Holiday Brewery Tours
  • $5 Tuesdays at the movie theater, and also the budget theater

This year, MKE Mom’s Blog has done a lot of the leg work already!

It isn’t realistic for us, especially with an 11 month old, to plan outings all 25 days. During the week or on days we already had plans, lets be honest, the holidays can be a very busy time, I found other ways to celebrate my husband.

  • Bake his favorite sweet treat (Brownies, mint chocolate chip cookies, and meringues are the favorites in our house) To save yourself some time with cookie baking, make the dough ahead of time, roll into balls, and hide in the back of the freezer. Then all you need to do is pop them in the oven and you have hot, fresh cookies, without all the dishes!
  • Cook a favorite meal.
  • Take over a household chore that typically isn’t yours. For us that would be taking out the garbage/recycle, scooping the litter box, laundry (I’m lucky to have a hubby who does the majority of the laundry!— just one of many reasons why I love him!)
  • Offer a back (or foot) massage.

Christmas Tree with cardsFrom my thrifty, clearance shopping years ago, I have an abundance of Christmas cards that work perfectly for this project. I grab 25 cards and in each one I begin by writing one reason why I love my husband, and then add information about the event we will attend or one of the other ideas as his daily celebration experience.

I decided to opt-out of the “25 days of Christmas” last year since I was 9 months pregnant with our first child and had no idea how I would feel come December or even if I would make it to my due date.

This year, more than ever, my husband and I need this. We weren’t prepared for how much a tiny human would change our lives. While tending to our son’s needs 24/7 our marriage has been neglected. 

Since our son will be a year old soon, we have made it a priority to work on our relationship. We are actively trying to plan more “dates” and just time together, uninterrupted (our babe, social media, technology, etc).  While much has changed in the last 8 years since we first started dating, the “25 Days of Christmas” is going a great way to remind my husband what he means to me and how great of a dad I think he is. (BIG shout out to my parents, sister, and brother for all the babysitting they have done, and hopefully will do, to allow us to get out and enjoy each other. It is a little easier to be away from our son knowing he is in good hands.)

I am hoping that bringing back the “25 Days of Christmas” will be a great way to close out our first year as parents and set us up for an exciting new year, being great parents as well as great spouses.

Holiday Tree and Lights



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