I’m Grateful for You, My Mom Friends

I'm grateful for you
This fun Milwaukee lifestyle session was taken by Milwaukee family photographer, Talia Laird Photography for Milwaukee Moms Blog.

Dear Mom Friends, 

I’m grateful for you. 

I’m grateful for you responding to my twentieth text about poop. Thank you for listening to me rant about my child’s ability to survive on so little sleep. I promise one day I won’t be quite so hostile about it. I’m grateful for you providing me a safe place to talk about my struggles with parenting, the feelings of inadequacy. This gig is so amazing but also so challenging and I thrive, in part, because of you.

I’m grateful for you understanding when I cancel last minute because I just can’t get my act together. Thank you for inviting me to hang out, even though you know I will show up a hot mess, probably with questionable stain on my shirt. I’m grateful for you helping me to load my car when my toddler is flailing and for understanding when I forget to thank you for hosting that amazing play date. Thank you for reassuring me that yes, a child can in fact live off of Mac n’ Cheese. 

I’m grateful for you listening to me complain about my husband’s thirty minute poops (I’m sorry hunny, but HOW does it take that long?).

I’m grateful for you hanging out with me without our kiddos, reminding me that I am a grown adult sometimes, who can even put on a pair of real pants, make up, and style my hair into more than just a messy bun.

I’m grateful for you celebrating my children’s successes and providing support in their struggles. Thank you for laughing with me and crying with me. Thank you for loving my children like they are your own. 

You, mama, are a huge reason I am able to do this whole mom thing. I don’t say it enough but from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!


Your fellow mama 

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Erin is a recently returned Wisconsin native currently living in Shorewood with her husband Bradley, dog Sheldon, and two kids, George and Francis. Her background in childcare and education have led to a borderline obsession with all things kid including safety gear, equipment, clothing and toys. This type A mom is learning to embrace the chaos and welcome that challenges that parenting brings. With a husband who travels often for work and two kids nineteen months apart, Erin relies on her mom tribe, Hulu and a heavy dose of caffeine to make every day a success.


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