Introducing: Milwaukee Mom


MKE Moms Blog is now….Milwaukee Mom


For four years, we have been building MKE Moms Blog to be your go-to online resource in the Milwaukee Area. We’ve built guides, published content by local parents, hosted events, and more. It all started with 14 writers and an idea.

Things have changed a lot in four years, but much has stayed the same!

Our goal is to share the real stories of real parents, all in the name of fostering connections in this digital space to serve you, our fellow parents. At the end of the day, moms need more than a full calendar – they need to feel they are seen and encouraged.

The guides we create are meant to be useful for your and your family, all in the name of freeing up more time for you to breathe. Our Community Group on Facebook was created to be a space for you find other moms to connect with.

Our events are created to be memory-making special occasions that you don’t have to stress over. So you can smile, relax, get in the photo and let us sweat the details for a change.

At the end of the day, it all comes back to the Content. Local parents sharing their real stories several days a week. Every day that you visit our website, there is a new perspective from a fellow parent to consider. Why? So you see yourself in their words and journeys. So we can see one another.

As of today, our name has changed and we’ve completed our website renovation, but our heart has stayed the same. MKE Moms Blog is now Milwaukee Mom.

Milwaukee Mom is committed to working hard to bring you even more diverse content, more local resources, and more opportunities to interact and engage with other parents.

New look. Same us. Welcome.


  1. Happy to see a group like this. Being a parent-especially a mom, is both the greatest and hardest job in the world. This has only been made harder because almost all moms need to work a full time job, generally out of the house, to sustain the family. Sometimes staying connected with friends can be difficult because ‘life’ just gets so busy. Whoever said women were the weaker sex was sadly mistaken. Stay strong ladies!


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