Making Life Easier: Help for Single Moms


Five Tips for Single Moms

Help is crucial for surviving this parenting thing with a shred of mental, emotional, and physical health intact. Here are five tips for single moms from me, a single mom who always needs help!

Help for Single Moms Babywearing in Milwaukee
Baby carriers save lives!


Baby carriers come in every price range. You can get them from second-hand stores, Facebook swaps, and online shops. Local babywearing groups are a great resource. My babies treated cribs like lava and being put down like a personal attack. Having free hands to wrangle my other children was life-saving. I still carry my three-year-old so I don’t have to chase him down grocery store aisles.

Help for Single Moms Batch Cooking and Meal Planning
Batch cooking breakfast cookies for cheap, on-the-go food.

Batch Cooking

I turn into Scary Mom when I’m hangry. It’s my fatal flaw. I’m also impulsive when I get hungry and spend money I don’t have on unhealthy food. Want to know how to help this single mom? FEED. ME.

I meal plan to save time and money. Pinterest has great ideas for easy, kid-friendly food to batch cook. Many meals can be frozen or popped into a slow cooker, pressure cooker, or oven before dinner. One afternoon saves me during the 5 pm witching hour when the last thing I want to do is make dinner.

Laundry Hacks
My Monday night date

Laundry Date Night

Help single moms by making laundry disappear!

Just kidding! Wishing it away doesn’t work. I’ve tried. Look, mommas–the laundry isn’t leaving. I am resentfully living in laundromat and basket-lugging hell. I get it. As a mom with four small, super messy kids, the pile seems endless, so I have started making laundry as sexy as possible. By sexy, I mean Netflix, candles, junk food, and folding. A date on Laundry Mountain, if you will. We have to do it. We might as well make it enjoyable.

Milwaukee Hiking with kids
Hiking at Lapham Peak

Get Outside

My kids are feral. Whatever gene makes easy children who sit nicely or play quietly is not in the pool I pulled from. I am not going to tell you that taking your kids to the park or out for a hike is going to make them sleep at night because I am not a liar, but it might help burn off some of that endless energy and help ground everyone a bit.

Winter is harder, but it takes less time for kids to tire in the cold, so outdoor time is a must, even when I can’t feel my face. If we only make it five minutes, that was five minutes no one was covering my walls in slime. Sledding is a great option for both fun and fatigue value.

I’ve found great walking and hiking trails in the Milwaukee area. For the price of a State Park sticker, my children can chase each other with sticks somewhere other than in my living room.

Help for Single Moms Meeting Mom Friends
With Angela, my online mom group friend turned real-life coffee date and sanity saver!

Create a Village

We’re told to be self-sufficient, independent, and successful–no matter what. Guess what? We aren’t built that way. We don’t thrive without support.

Even if your village is an online mom group (mine is!), get to know other moms. Let other people know what is going on in your life. Ask for what you need. Help single moms in your own groups. Find women who understand your humor. Share recipes, advice, tears, and memes. We can’t do it alone.

If you need help with basic needs, Hope Network is a fantastic resource in Milwaukee that can help single moms on a tight budget.

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Jess grew up near Madison and has lived in the Milwaukee area since 2013. She's a mom to four small children, who love to make crafts out of garbage, draw on walls, and make creepy, creepy masks. She also has two teenagers who live with their dad in Madison. She loves to watch them all grow to be amazing, unique humans. She spends her time outdoors with her feral little family, hiking at State Parks, camping, or visiting new parks. She also loves helping them make messes and create art... but hates the clean-up. She is a freelance writer, editor, and marketer for a living, and spends the free time she has left working on personal writing and art projects. She's involved in social justice and advocacy work and is particularly interested in LGBTQIA+ issues. She stays involved in politics and her community and is always looking for ways she can help to make a positive difference and spread awareness to inspire change. When she isn't busy with those things, she can be found binge watching Netflix, reading, listening to new music, and wasting her life on Facebook.


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