Moms :: The Real Superheroes


A few Halloweens ago, Cristian went as Batman, and so I decided to be the weird, quirky mom (as I am) and dress up as Wonder Woman for Trick-or-Treating. Since then, Cristian may or may not be convinced I am Wonder Woman.

And you know what? I am a superhero. In fact, if you’re a mom and reading this…you are a superhero too.  Forget Wonder Woman, Black Widow, and Elektra. Moms..we are the real superheroes! Not all superheroes need capes or fancy costumes – especially as some of us prefer to work incognito.

Are you still not convinced you’re a superhero? Take a look at some of our superpowers.

Our lips contain magical “boo-boo” healing powers.

Our super strength can always pick our children up when they’re down (both mentally and physically).

We work for truth and justice like any other respectable superhero, but we use words as our greatest weapon. Our supersonic “mom voices” can rival any expensive gadget Tony Stark has up his sleeve. Ask our embarrassed children on stage or horrified children on the field just how powerful our voices are.

Our hearing is impeccable. Not only can we distinguish our child’s cries from any others, but we know how to pick the most important words from our children’s incessant babble and make it sound like we’re paying perfect attention. More importantly, we always know when we need to listen 100%.

We can rival The Flash in terms of speed when getting a bucket, saltines, and ginger ale when we hear heaving or our child telling us they are going to be sick.

Our Supermom mobiles transport everyone to school, work, soccer practices, church, doctor’s appointments, and stores remarkably unscathed and (almost) always on time regardless of when we leave.

We have stealthy ninja moves when we sneak in (or out) of our child’s room at night.

Though tested and sometimes bent, moms are given superhuman patience the moment their first child is laid in their arms.

All moms have a secret lair where gifts are hidden and candy bars are consumed in peace.

Moms don’t need a bat signal to always answer calls for help. We just know and we’re there as soon as we can be.

Each and every mother has a stare that can freeze their children (and spouse) instantaneously.

Multi-tasking is just another power we have. Can Spiderman cook dinner, do the dishes, help with homework, get his steps in for the day, and take out the trash while on a conference call? With great power does come great responsibility, you know.

We have an extra set of eyes. They truly are in the back of our head. We know when someone is committing crimes and know when to act. Jumping on the couch again? We know. Slipping the dinner you don’t want to eat to the dog while we’re taking dishes to the sink? We’re not fooled. We see all.

Our sense of smell can detect a cup of chocolate milk left under the bed, a chicken nugget caught in a booster seat or apple slices left in a lunchbox over the weekend. Teeth that weren’t brushed, unwashed hands, or armpits in need of deodorant are no match for our super smelling capabilities! Moms can tell when a baby has a full diaper before the baby does.

If this doesn’t have you convinced you’re a superhero, just ask your children. They might say Batman, Superman, or Spiderman are their favorites, but their hugs, drawings, and gifts of dandelions say otherwise. 

So sit back and enjoy your kryptonite, whether that be a latte, Diet Coke, sheet cake, or Malbec. You are powerful!


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