My Gifting Win: The Recordable Storybook


In all my years of celebrating Christmas, a few very special gifts still hold strong in my memory. Among these gifts are some very special books, recordable storybooks.

Each year, as the seasons change from fall to winter, I bring the recordable storybooks my has been gifted out of storage. And each year, we rediscover the magic of having stories read to us by both my parents and my in-laws. They have never lost their magic or their ability to captivate their audience.

These recordable storybooks have been especially valuable (and very well used) over the last few years, when it has not always been possible to see our loved ones in person. The storybooks provide a moment of connection, calm and happiness whenever it’s needed, by simply taking the storybook off the shelf and opening it up. The music kicks in right away, followed shortly by the voice of a much loved person.

So, this Christmas, while my husband and I tried to decide on what to give our children, it occurred to me that they might really love a storybook recorded by us.

After doing some Googling, I determined that Hallmark seems to be the best source for recordable storybooks. While the selection wasn’t huge, we were able to decide together on the book that we wanted to buy and record for our children. (They have great options for grandparents!)

The recording process was rather easy. You press a button and read each page out loud. (I highly recommend practicing reading each page out loud before you attempt record.) If you mess up, simply record the page again.

My husband and I took turns reading the pages. At the very end, we added a little bit about how much we love them. When we were done, all we had to do was move the recording switch to the Save position. Presto! We had a gift that will bring our children joy for years to come!

The recordable storybook was a huge hit this Christmas! My children stopped everything to listen to it as soon as they opened it.

One word of caution: the storybooks are fragile. Pages need to be opened and laid as flat as possible for the story to work well. So this gift might be better for slightly older children or only given to younger children with supervision.
It is my hope that these recordable storybooks survive long in to the future and remain a way to connect with people we love whether they are here or gone.
Have you made your own recordable storybook? Do you have a gift that stands out to you?
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