Our Priceless Tradition – Girls’ Nap


Let me start by saying my husband and I got a king-sized bed because we are the kind of people that don’t want to be touched when they sleep. Do NOT get your cold toes on my side of the bed, and don’t you dare think about breathing on me. Shudder.

What can I say, it’s who I am, which makes Girls’ Nap so surprising.

My girls are five and three and still nap to varying degrees of success. I am 39 and dig me a good nap whenever I can. One weekend about six weeks ago, no one (except me) wanted to nap, so I tried to make it a game. “What about a girls’ nap?”

“What’s a girls’ nap?”

Girls' Nap!

I thought quickly and said, “it’s when the three of us all nap together in my room.” Everyone loved the idea. Hooray!

Fast forward to this weekend when they both were begging for nap time so we could take a Girls’ Nap. Don’t mind if I do.

Somehow I’ve ended up in the middle. We share a blanket, and there is always someone touching me. The one saving grace is that neither of them makes any noise when they breathe. (Loud breathing is the worst!)

As we fall asleep, they ask all the questions. Easy questions, hard questions, surprisingly, “meaning of life” questions. They rustle about like dogs, doing a million circles and pawing the blankets until they are perfectly comfortable.

And then we finally sleep. Holding hands or with a tiny little foot on my leg, we nap. Probably not the best sleep I could get, but nothing, I mean nothing, could be more rejuvenating for my soul.

Me being me, I flash forward until I’m surrounded by gangly teenage limbs, and the questions are about boyfriends and college majors. I will savor every single nap until then.

I know even this trick won’t work every weekend into the future, but I love that I’m laying the foundation for something for just the three of us. And, well… I get a break in active parenting — win/win.

It costs no money, but it’s priceless.

What parental hack have you stumbled into that’s turned into a favorite thing?


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