Five Reasons I’m Giving My Children a Pinterest-Inspired Birthday Party



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Pinterest. Some people love it, other people think that it was designed to make us all feel bad about ourselves. I mean, just search #pinterestfail and you’ll see oodles of pictures of people who just couldn’t pull off the beauty that someone else swore was “simple” in a blog post. More times than not, I’m fairly dispassionate when it comes to Pinterest. I mean, it’s a good way to waste an hour when I don’t feel like being productive during nap time, but I don’t hold myself accountable to the picture-perfect world it advertises. My kids’ birthday parties, however, are the one exception, and here’s why:

1. Because I want to celebrate getting through this year.

If you’ve read this post, you’ll understand why just surviving each year, but especially my daughter’s first, feels like a HUGE accomplishment. Postpartum kicked my backside and the jump from one to two kids wasn’t exactly a cakewalk. Celebrating their birthdays is not just about them, but about the fact that my family made it through. That deserves a blowout.

2. Because I can.

Yes, I baked those myself. (Don't get too impressed though, it was a box mix.)
Yes, I baked those myself. (Don’t get too impressed though, it was a box mix.)

I am not “The Pinterest Mom.” I swear I’m not. I won’t come into the school parties with perfectly decorated homemade treats that look like they belong on cupcake wars. More power to you if you are that mom, and a sincere thanks for making our children’s class parties that much more special with your talents. (Really. Thank you.) But I cannot get my act together enough to pull that off all the time. I can, however, get my stuff together enough to pull off ONE day. I do it, because for ONE day, I can.

3.  Because my kids are sharing a  birthday party.

My kids’ birthdays are two days apart and none of the grandparents are local. I truly am only doing this for ONE day. One BIG day.

4. Because it makes my kids happy.

My son is still talking about his Elmo cake from last year. He has been SO excited about helping me plan this year’s extravaganza, and his enthusiasm is all the motivation I need.

5. Because it makes me feel good about myself as a mom.

I feel fairly insecure about myself on a regular basis, but going big on a birthday? Man, does that have the ability to make that nagging internal critic shut up. And that feels GOOD.

There are many local resources to help you celebrate a birthday or any special occasion because going all out can make everyone feel great. My family’s life might not be Pinterest-worthy every day, but for one special day, I make sure my kids’ birthday celebration would do Pinterest proud. 

Pinterest-Inspired Birthday Party


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