A Quick Guide To Downtown Waukesha With The Kids


Waukesha Downtown with Kids

When I think “downtown” I think Waukesha — I’ve been here my entire life. My daughter and I spend a good part of our evening walking around the riverfront with our ice cream cones. But for those looking for a new downtown to explore, here’s a quick guide to the best kid spots in Waukesha. 

Brought to you by: My daughter, Yara. Age four. Who influenced this post in more ways than one. 

Divino Gelato Cafe

Gelato is part of our Friday Night routine with Grandma and Grandpa. With lots of daily flavors to pick from, Yara picks a different kind each time while I stick with the same two or three. 

Martha Merrill Books & Toys

This bookstore is a personal favorite of mine, as well as Yara’s. It’s packed with books and toys, fit for all stages and it’s usually our second stop on Friday nights after getting our gelato. 

Downtown Waukesha
Photo Credit: Emily Gallo

Sloppy Joe’s 

If you are looking for a fun spot for a quick dinner and a great vibe, this is the place to be! Sloppy Joe’s Soda Fountain mirrors the 50’s in an authentic way that makes it a prime spot for the kids! Order a hot dog or BBQ sandwich and top it off with homemade ice cream!

Photo Credit: Emily Gallo
Photo Credit: Emily Gallo

Waukesha Public Library 

Our library has worked hard to create a space for kids to relax and learn at the same time. Whether you’re heading there on a lazy Sunday afternoon to pick out this week’s books or attending a special event, the library has so much to offer to kids of every age. 

Waukesha Riverwalk 

The Waukesha Riverwalk is located around the Fox River, spanning from one side of Downtown to the other. With playgrounds, space to run, fishing spots, paddle boat rentals (and more), it’s the ideal place to let out all the extra energy – even though I still can’t figure out where it comes from half the time.

Downtown Waukesha has a fun friendly atmosphere with plenty to do to entertain the entire family. See you there!


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