S/O to the stay at home moms


Parenting is hard. Dare I say mommy-ing is harder—all the stress, tears, and multiple personalities that come out in one day. And then there’s taking care of the actual children. That’s why I want to give a shout out to my stay-at-home moms.

I see you. I used to be you. Now, I work more than I’m at home. And let me tell you, you do it oh so well.

The tantrums. The house. The constant upkeep of relationships. I am in no way trying to say those who work have it easier because, let’s face it, both staying home and working outside the home are double-edged swords. But, every winter and summer break, I realize how much I love to work. I realize that staying at home is not for me. Props to those who can deal with a temper tantrum about not going through a car wash and walk away unscathed and untraumatized. Props to those who can sit and play some imaginary game and be in the moment. Props to those who have attempted to go out to lunch, anywhere, with your precious ones and didn’t rage eat. 

I can barely do these things for a few days, let alone for weeks on end. When I’m at home, I expect a medal when my husband comes home. I want him to see everything I’ve done. I want him to hang up his jacket (where it belongs) and offer to sweep the floor because I did the laundry while the third kid jumped all over the couch and stepped on the middle kid’s face, and the oldest screamed at both of them because she’s apparently in charge. I realize my expectation for a medal are slightly over the top, but I’m so stressed after a few days home that I expect everyone else around me to notice and applaud my efforts.

Of course, I don’t get that. And I know, you, my friends, don’t get that either. Or at least not as much as you should. And you should. Every. Single. Day. You deserve a mom of the day award. You deserve to sit down when your partner comes home and let someone else take care of things. You deserve to take a 15-minute break as employees outside of the house do. You deserve to feel like you’re doing something big because you are.

So, if you haven’t heard it lately, or you feel like no one notices, please know that I do. I see you. I hear you. I appreciate you. I wish I could be like you. You help keep the world go round. Don’t ever feel like any less than a superhero.



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