On Side Parts: What Do You Mean Mom is No Longer Cool?


Side parts are out. That’s right, mom, your hair isn’t cool anymore.

You may have heard by now that the side hair part has been replaced by the middle part. That’s right, mom, you are not cool anymore. But do not fear, teenagers and other young people are eager to help you flip that part and flip the script on your fashion sense to bring you into the current style realm.

Kids tell you like it is and we can rely on that. When your teen tells you, “Mmmm, no.” in response to your going out attire, maybe hear them out. Teens are the leaders in fashion trends. Mom jeans are all the rage right now, but why weren’t they cool when we wore them? All trends have their time. But, good news-we can still wear them and it is cool. The skinny jeans and leggings phase may be taking a turn (although I will not betray my yoga pants)..and patterns and wide-leg jeans are making a surge. I let my kids tell me what I needed to update recently and it brought us closer as a result.

Crop tops and shorty shorts, high waist and low waist, all of these style movements have been re-circulating for decades. From Madonna’s iconic 1990’s nod to the pointy bullet bra of the 1950s, to the bell-bottoms and platform shoes, fashion has a way of coming back around. Even the now-trending half tanks and high waist shorts and boho-chic dresses seem familiar of times past. But, lucky for us, most of these styles can be worn by everyone. Yes, mom, even you can rock the cool new trend.

Now more than ever we see fashion trends being worn across generations and the same styles are being worn by young and older people alike. Leggings and yoga wear took the world by storm and now suddenly Moms and Daughters are shopping at the same store for the same pants because there are no age limits put on them.

When my teens came into my room as I was getting ready for a night out with friends and gingerly asked, “Is that what you are wearing?”, I knew it was time to switch it up. Let’s face it, the last year of wearing joggers and yoga pants during a pandemic just highlighted that my style needed an update going back out into the world. I am not a huge fan of shopping and to be honest when I do shop, it usually is not for me.

As my kids pulled items out one by one playing the elimination game, I sat on the bed blurting out things like, “Hey, I still wear that leather jacket!” and “What do you mean the nose of those heels are too rounded?” It was time. My closet needed a re-tooling, but some things you never let go of. My kids were happy to assist me and I welcomed their perspectives.

I do believe that keeping your finger on the pulse of pop culture, music and style keeps you young and relatable to growing kids.

It does not always mean I will love every trend or appreciate their taste in music, but I can hold a conversation about some of their favorite things. I want my kids to see that I am paying attention to the details that shape their childhood and show them I am trying to understand their world and experience.

Beware, I have learned there is a distinct line that is not to be crossed. Not everything you see and learn from a teen is fair game to use and crossing the line may get you ousted from the cool kids club. For instance, a casual reference here or there is fine-but try not to use their own words on them. Teenage slang is like a sacred turf and when an adult uses it you will likely be tagged a dork for dabbling in it, so proceed with caution. Note that Tik Toks and Reels gain you bonus parent participation points.

Also good to note, while you may think it is cool to emulate them, most often it is not. If a Mom rolls into the room and says, “I like your drippy fit girl, go on..”, you will likely stop your teen dead in her tracks like a deer in headlights and receive a clear message never to say that again, even though you just overheard her friends say it. You win some, you lose some.

Teenagers are special beings in a category all their own and parents are always looking for ways to connect to them as they pull away into adulthood. Even if they laugh at your attempts to stay in tune with their lifestyle, the attempt is what matters most. So bust out your bell-bottom jeans and show your kids you still got it.



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