The Thing about a Strong Willed Daughter


My daughter has a stronger will than me. That’s saying something, really. She knows who she is, what she likes and what she wants. She also knows that she will not do anything she is not ready to do. We were recently reminded that she also will not take crap from anyone. 

strong willed daughter

The First Email from the Principal

In the last few months, we’ve been reminded that she is a second grader. If you’ve never had a second grader, they are all about pushing boundaries. My daughter has been about pushing boundaries since she was about 3 months old, but according to her teacher, second grade is a big year, educationally, emotionally and physically. A bit before Christmas, we received an email from the principal about an incident where my daughter and another child were peeking under bathroom stalls. The principal is the one to contact the parents because she is in charge of the bathrooms. Bad behavior, dear daughter.

The Second Email from the Principal

Last week, we received another email from the principal. This time, much worse. During art class, a fellow classmate was doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. My daughter hates it when people break the rules – unless of course it’s her doing the rule breaking. (See bathroom stall incident.) She asked the boy to stop doing whatever it was he was doing. He didn’t. She then proceeded (according to her) to whisper to herself “I’m going too kick your ***”. The boy heard her and apparently so did the teacher, so her behavior was reported to the teacher, who then reported to the principal. My dear, sweet, strong willed daughter was called to the principal’s office for threatening another child and for swearing.

We also learned that no points are earned if you spell the swear word correctly.

She got to have a long (well deserved) talk with the principal about why what she did was wrong and then she got to have another conversation with Mom and Dad about the bad behavior. When I asked her why she said what she said, her response was “Sometimes I just can’t keep the bad stuff in.”

I feel you, sister, I feel you. 

This is not the first school year where we’ve been notified of “not-so-nice” stuff being done by my daughter. I just keep saying, it’s a good thing we get these emails while we’re still at work so we can get our giggles out before the scolding begins. She knew her behavior was bad and we weren’t happy she used a bad word or threatened another kid, however I’m glad she knows her limits and knows when to stick up for herself. Now we’re working on figuring out how do stick up for ourselves in more constructive ways that doesn’t result in another strong-willed stomp walk down to the principal’s office. 


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