Three Reasons Mondays Could Rock


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The weekend has such promise for a working mom. The week is crazy and you feel like you’re never home. So when Friday rolls around, you can finally take a deep breath and tackle all the tasks you have piled up, followed by lounging on the couch you forgot you had. I always have these lovely plans to make time for preparing for the next week and also to unwind so I can feel rejuvenated the week ahead. As ideal as that could be, the reality is most weekends aren’t quite as productive as I’d like. Between fundraisers, family events, swimming lessons, appointments, and maybe having time to see friends, there isn’t much room left for all the chores or relaxing.

Mondays could definitely rock. Here are three reasons why:

1. That fresh start feeling

Ideal: I spent a lot of time the week before and on the weekend planning out healthy meals and scheduling my gym time. There’s no time to cook a meal when I get home at 6pm, so pre-cooking or heavy prep for easy meals is imperative. I can make it to the gym for an hour, after my daughter is in bed, if nothing else comes up. Diet and exercise are always 100% on track on Mondays. It’s like the first day of school, when your notebooks are new and you haven’t bombed a test yet or fallen behind in the readings. So much excitement in the air for the changes I’m going to make and stick to.

Reality: It’s a good thing daycare helps feed my kid because no one went grocery shopping for at least a week now. It’s going to be leftover pizza/casserole/whatever and a handful of crackers for lunch until Wednesday. Maybe if I have time I’ll stop at Pick N Save before work for a yogurt. Or a giant bag of chips. Carrot chips for that non-diet, because not all will be lost on this disorganized Monday.

clean laundry
Clean laundry that wont be put away for another couple days.


2. Clean laundry to choose from

Ideal: I spent a solid afternoon or evening over the weekend, washing any clothes we might want for the week. We’re always rushing in the morning, and it’s helpful to have clean options to choose from to throw an outfit together.

Reality: The only laundry I had time to do was my daughter’s. And if we’re lucky, I threw in a couple pairs of underwear for my husband and me to last us until Monday or Tuesday night. If we’re even luckier and full of magic that morning, there’s a hidden basket of folded laundry that no one put away from last week. More likely though, clothes from the floor will get ironed and Febreezed, and we’re off to work!

3. Quiet time at work

Ideal: Like most working moms, all weekend under the stress of family and life demands, I think about the quiet solitude I will get at work. I can ease into my morning with some Facebook and breakfast at my desk. My music or podcasts get me through my tasks. My entire lunch hour can be devoted to catching up on my blogging, or reading for school, or just relaxing with a Netflix show. My commutes to and from work are filled with more music, or leisurely calls to gossip with my sister.

Reality: My morning commute is probably spent on the phone with the doctors office trying to make appointments I forgot we needed. Or I’m carefully speeding so I have time for that yogurt run. When I get to the office, I’m immediately catching up on 20 new emails asking me questions that people have the resources to find out themselves, but don’t. Lunch time is spent still catching up on work piles that grew since the morning. And the evening commute is spent dictating to my phone a grocery list because we’re going to need a rotisserie chicken and some frozen veggies for dinner tonight.

Working moms have a lot to cram into their weekends. I’m proud to say that I have a messy house, baskets of unfolded laundry, and hot dog dinners, if that means I got to spend all my free time with my daughter and husband. Maybe someday we’ll be more organized and can have a rockin’ Monday.

How do you make your Mondays rock?

Just my disaster of a kitchen. No filter, no staging necessary.



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