When Working From Home Goes Wrong


A collection of hilarious horror stories from parents working from home.

I have been doing some form of either working from home or hybrid work since March 16th, 2020. I have learned a lot in this time. Namely that stay at home parenting is definitely not for me and I applaud those that not only can do it but love doing it. I’ve also had a number of hilarious horror stories happen from my kid’s shenanigans. Most recently I shared a story with my friends and they all thought it was hilarious. Thus the idea for this post was born. I solicited my friends from the Milwaukee area and beyond for their stories and now I present you with the hilarity that has been working from home.

It’s 9:30 am and I was in a very important meeting with two older men I had never met before. In walks my son with a glass of water and a strawberry. He gingerly places it on the desk, kisses me on the cheek, tells me he loves me, and walks out. I go to take a sip of the water and suddenly smell tequila! I make a face. The men on the call ask me if I’m drinking wine and I panic and shout “No! It’s tequila! My kid just brought me a glass of tequila!”. They both immediately start laughing so hard, one of them is crying. An hour after the meeting I got an email asking me if I ever finished the drink.
-Emily (me)

Oh, well, I work a national security job. I had a work phone call, luckily about stats and figures relating to my casework, but unbeknownst to me my son had un-muted his zoom call and the entire first-grade classroom heard my phone call. Thankfully, none of them would’ve been able to understand what I was talking about (I barely understood what I was talking about), but it was the first hard lesson about checking the microphone.

Just yesterday I was unable to unmute myself because my kid kept flushing the toilet. the first time they did it, my mike was on, and everyone was looking at me to determine if my background was fake or if I was on the toilet.
-Amy V

I was on a Zoom meeting and everyone was excited to see my 5-month baby. All of a sudden I smelled something and saw she had a blowout and it was all over me!!!

I’m a therapist. Having just finished a session, I went to check on my boys. I found the youngest (7) in the bathtub. With the dog. With water, kitchen utensils, and scuba gear. He was butt naked. Realizing everyone was safe, we all had a good laugh.

I was on a zoom call and the bus arrived and sat and honked until I realized I was missing getting my daughter off the bus.

I was teaching AP Lang, and my youngest comes in and starts talking and telling about her dream and how her vagina hurts and wants to show me while the camera is on and I had a total heart attack that my mic was on. Thank God it wasn’t. When I investigated it was because she fell on her bike in her dream. Really Kid?

One afternoon I came upstairs from my basement office welcomed by silence. This is not normal in my house. I usually hear music or talking. I thought, hmm, they must be working hard or have their earbuds in. Not overly concerned, I opened the door to my 8th grader’s room with a bright, cheery hello, expecting the epitome of on-task behavior. My hello quickly transformed to a scream because I was face to face with a skeleton! Instead of perfecting her math skills, my daughter was perfecting her makeup artistry!

I had just gotten back from working out and was changing in my bedroom when my son started yelling, “No! Oh no no no please no!!!” so I went running into the kitchen to find out what was wrong…..wearing only my sports bra on top. I ran up behind him only to discover his camera was on and I had just flashed his teacher.

My two-year-old usually sleeps from 12:30-3, which is great. However, every once in a while she wakes up a bit early. On one particular occasion, she woke up during my sophomore English class. I grabbed her and showed her to my students when she proceeded to stick her arm down my shirt to try and grab my boobs. Luckily the kids couldn’t see anything, but the act itself was humiliating. I couldn’t turn off my camera fast enough!

What hilarious horror stories do you have to share?

If you’d like to avoid some of these pitfalls, check out this post from Maia about how to manage working from home! 

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Hi! I’m Emily. I hold two places on the adoption triad (adopted person and adoptive mother). Outside of being a mom, I direct a college success program for students on the autism spectrum at a local university. In addition I have a very small counseling practice where I specialize in working with adoptive families. I am the wife of a sergeant in MPD. Our family is unique in that I’m biracial, my husband is white and our son is Black. My husband also gets “teased” for being the only biological kid in our family. I’m newly peloton obsessed. I enjoy wine, whiskey, and solving the worlds problems from my couch.


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