7 Free or Super Cheap Ways to Improve Your Skin Today


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This post is sponsored by AESTHETICS 360 Face & Body Center, a medical spa in the Third Ward of Milwaukee.

How can I improve my skin today? Like right now?

Listen. If someone had told me in my teens that I would continue to have acne at the same time that I fought wrinkles and that all the sunshine I was soaking in would eventually emerge as dark splotches…..I probably would haven’t made any changes because I was a know-it-all teenager who never listened to her mother.

But now, as I look in the mirror at my late-30s face, I am seeing all the results of those choices. 

There are plenty of professional interventions that can be enlisted to counteract UV damage, fight breakouts, minimize wrinkles, improve skin tone, and roll back the damage we’ve done to our skin, but we talked to the experts at AESTHETICS 360 about some totally FREE or super-cheap ways we can immediately improve our skin RIGHT NOW because busy mamas need fast and simple ideas they can try right away. And we’ve got ’em!

7 FREE or Super Cheap Ways to Improve Your Skin Right Now

1. Drink More Water

Yeah, we know this seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed at the difference hydration can make to your skin, especially in this dry winter months when it feels like every cell in our body gets dehydrated. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it’s made mostly of…..WATER! Without sufficient water intake, your skin becomes more prone to aging and will feel dry and uncomfortable. Plus, ample water intake leads to fewer wrinkles, a brighter complexion, reduced puffiness (bye bye tired eyes!), and better pH balance to prevent future breakouts. Long story short: Drink your water!

2. Wear Sunscreen Every Day….even in the Winter!

Gone are the days of trying to pretend we don’t understand what sun damage can do to our skin and sunscreen is so readily available in drugstore products that this is a no-brainer. UV Damage is brutal to skin and the snow-covered landscape of a Wisconsin winter can actually intensify the sun’s rays by acting as a reflecting surface, sending those UV rays right into your skin that can lead to increased wrinkles and increasing the risk of skin cancer. Slap that sunscreen on your face, mama. It’s a simple and cheap way to protect your skin for years to come!

3. Wipe Down Your Phone Weekly

According to a 2017 article from TIME, your cellphone is “10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.” It’s hauling around gunk from your pocket, the floor of your car, the street, your kids’ goopy fingertips, the kitchen counter, and if we are all being honest…..THE BATHROOM. All that junk just hangs out on your phone and then rubs against your face when you use it for actual phone calls. Take an anti-bacterial wipe to your phone at least once a week to limit the amount of germs and nastiness your smartphone is applying to your pretty face.

4. Try to Stop Touching Your Face

This is a tough one if you have this habit, but the more you absently touch your face, the more you are leaving deposits of dirt, bacteria, germs, etc. This increases your chance of breakouts over time and is an easy thing to fix! The next time you catch yourself resting your chin on your hand while you scroll on your laptop, recognize it, correct it, and take the opportunity to practice better posture instead. Even worse for your skin is if you are a picker, who will find an annoying spot on your face and poke it or pick at it. Breaking the surface of the skin is just opening things up for even more yuckies to get in there.

5. Get that Beauty Sleep!

I know, I know. Telling a tired mom to get more sleep is bound to be a little eye-roll inducing, but if you are looking for a totally FREE and crazy beneficial way to help your skin, good old fashioned sleep is the ticket! Sleep is your body’s way of recharging and repairing itself, so your skin is following suit and increasing bloodflow, replacing cells, replacing collagen, and repairing damage. Don’t sleep on the beauty sleep, mamas!

improve your skin with sleep

6. Wash Your Pillowcase At Least Weekly

Speaking of your pillowcase, many a person has noticed that they are more prone to breakouts on the side of their face they sleep on. It makes sense when you think about how much gunk is collecting on your pillowcase! Pick up a few cheap pillowcases that you can keep folded up near your bedside and set a reminder on your phone to swap it out at bedtime a couple times a week. Can’t make that happen? At the very least, make sure you are washing your pillowcase weekly, preferably in a fragrance-free detergent, to clean out any collections of dirt, oil, bacteria and other fun stuff that your skin is in contact with for several hours each night.

7. Schedule a FREE Skin Assessment and Consultation with AESTHETICS 360

As we know, it’s hard to know what steps to take to treat a problem when you don’t even know what the problem is! Sit down with the experts at AESTHETICS 360° for a totally FREE assessment that uses state of the art technology called VISIA to take photos of your face and look underneath the skin to show you the UV spots, pigmentation issues, wrinkles, and more! It can even compare your actual age to your “Skin Age!” AESTHETICS 360 is the only MediSpa in the area to prove results with the VISIA digital imaging system every step of the way throughout their recommended treatment plans so you can see clear evidence of the results.

During that free consultation, you can learn from their licensed aestheticians what you can do to address the biggest of those concerns, with no pressure. They are happy to educate you on the treatments and products offered at AESTHETICS 360° with fully transparent pricing and a detailed explanation of benefits. Looking to invest in just ONE treatment that will have a major impact on your skin? Ask about the SaltFacial and thank us later.

AESTHETICS 360° is the first and only medical spa in the state of Wisconsin to offer this exciting treatment. The SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy™ is a relaxing, three-step process designed to Restore, Replenish, and Rejuvenate all skin types, delivering noticeable results after just one treatment.

Schedule your FREE Skin Assessment and Consultation with AESTHETICS 360 in the Third Ward today and take the first steps toward drastically improved skin!

Free or Super Cheap Ways to Improve Your Skin Today


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