Find Freedom in Acknowledging What is Not For You


“This is not for you,”  counter-intuitive for a blog, I admit. Should you heed my warning and turn now to leave, I am entirely content with that, so long as you take that first simple message with you into your life, where ever you should need it.

“This is not for you.”

May it return to you as a quiet guide to rest when the blinding lights bewilder.

This wild world has evolved, no less crazy today, an ever-advancing field of technology. Who is more aware of it than the ones responsible for raising the generation to come, who will have access to what we can only begin to imagine today? In this world of constant streaming of communication and connection, we too must evolve to recognize what is for us and what is not.

This too, my weary friend, is not for you, wonderful woman, marvelous man, yes, you, who have become the practice of practicing in our modern age. You, who know there must be something more, that you’ve space to grow still yet (for your child if not for yourself), student of life, yes, you, have the power and the choice, in all goodness, to turn away from another call to learn.

If you’re tired, if you’re longing, if you’re sure the answer does yet exist, remember this day that the answer might be, that whatever it is or wherever you are, this is not for you.

I speak particularly to the heart of the mother and father, a more diverse role than we first picture it to be, anyone in a place of responsibility for nurturing, protecting, and leading the next generation. We who know all too well what is at risk should we fall. We, also, were born new people when the child was born to us, so entirely dependent upon us, and yet becoming more her own person every day. It’s okay. Set it down or pick it up, whatever it is in your life with your child. This is not for you.

Yes, I do speak of the information that is only more readily available to the coming generations, choosing the best for not only you and yours but an abundant world. I also speak of the information itself. Any message intended to press you further, when today, it’s rest you need, space for all of you. I speak, too, of any burden whatsoever of wisdom for recognizing when it is time to rest. When it is time to persevere when it is time for more or less. Today, precious one, this is not for you.

You are enough. You are not alone. Even set apart from that toxic relationship, or still too close, because it’s yours. Because it’s what you know. Because you’re not quite sure who else you are or where to go, you are lovely, and you are loved. You are growing too. Surely if you have it all together, if you’re sure you never will, or if you’re never quite so decisive, and you wonder if you ever will, this is not for you.

May there be freedom for you here.


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