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This post is sponsored by GenoPalate. We are excited to bring our readers more information about this intriguing new service for families.

GenoPalateDid you know that your genes are telling you what foods you should and should not be eating? Yes, your “genes,” not your “jeans,” although this holiday season my jeans might be telling me to slow down on the cookies.

Paleo. Keto. Whole 30. Autoimmune. Alkaline. 

So many “diets” have become popular in recent years. It can be easy to get swept up by the hype, but how do you know what kind of nutrition plan is actually the right fit for your body without going through the hassle of all the trial and error? What if you could look at the blueprints of your body — your DNA — to see exactly what nutrients your body craves and what combination of foods is best suited for you so you can see long-term results but also feel satisfied AND healthy after eating! 

Milwaukee-based company GenoPalate does exactly that — analyzing your unique genetic makeup to determine what foods you are best able to digest & utilize, plus identify the elements your body should avoid. 

GenoPalate was founded by scientist and Milwaukee super mom Sherry Zhang, whose Ph.D in Molecular Biology and expertise and research in obesity genetics sparked her interest in starting the local startup. A mother first and a scientist second, Zhang built GenoPalate out of a love for helping her family and others lead a healthier, more informed life.


Zhang personally experienced the results of GenoPalate’s analysis when she analyzed her DNA and her son’s and realized that they were both lactose intolerant. She and her son changed their diets based on the recommendations of their personal GenoPalate nutrition plans and noticed the effects soon after: Sherry no longer had issues with her morning stomach cramps and her son stopped rushing to the bathroom. She would quickly come to realize that people’s lives can really change if they understand their relationships to food.

How does it work?

There is scientific evidence that your body craves certain nutrients and rejects others, and there are over one million pre-installed marker molecules that, once activated by the specific molecule of your DNA, emit a fluorescent signal which translates into your specific genotype. GenoPalate analyzes your DNA molecules to create a report about your individual nutrition needs. GenoPalate’s scientists analyze for things like your unique tolerances to caffeine, alcohol, sugar, carbs, a variety of fats and more!

What do you get?

After analyzing your DNA in its lab, GenoPalate gathers your results and sends you a comprehensive toolkit packed with helpful info like your personal nutrition label, personalized supplements table, body composition and metabolic health goals and food shopping lists.

What is the process like?

How does GenoPalate even get the DNA? Does it involve needles? Will I have to pull out a strand of hair? Although the stress of the holidays could certainly make pulling hair out pretty easy, obviously no one wants to experience any pain when sending my DNA. The good news is that all you have to do is spit in a test tube that is sent right to your door!

The process is super easy:

Step 1 | Order your DNA Test Kit

First things first, you need to get the process going so that they can collect a sample of your DNA and start analyzing. They will send you a test kit and ask you to answer a few simple questions about your food preferences and health history.

*If you already have your DNA test results from or 23andMe, they’ll send you instructions on how to transfer your data to GenoPalate. Don’t worry – it’s super easy and you’ll get over 70% off! Learn more on their website! 

Step 2 | Send Your Saliva

Spit into the tube GenoPalate will send in your kit and that’s all there is to it! Yes…..spit in the tube. They make it simple and painless – no blood, no needles, no trips to the doctor. They just need a little bit of your saliva and then mail the tube back to GenoPalate! 

Step 3 | DNA Analysis

Once they receive your test tube of spit, the real fun begins. GenoPalate extracts out your DNA and prepares it to be read on a “chip.”

Step 4 | Custom Nutrition Report

After analyzing your DNA, GenoPalate gathers all of your genetic information to generate a comprehensive report about your unique nutritional needs and tolerances. Your kit includes helpful information like your personal nutrition table, personalized supplements table, body composition and metabolic health goals and food shopping lists. 

Step 5 | Live Healthier!

Armed with the Custom Nutrition Report, you can start making changes to your diet based on your DNA! GenoPalate will help you discover which nutrients your body craves the most, which compounds you are able to best digest and utilize, and which foods you may want to avoid, based on your genetic profile.  You are on your way to nourishing your body based on its distinctive needs and building a healthier future!

I’m so excited to receive my custom report and find out what my genes can tell me about my body and my diet! 

GenoPalate is the perfect Christmas gift to myself and my family this year, and if you want to go through this process with me, order your kit or transfer your 23andMe or data, and don’t forget to check back in in a few weeks when I write about my results!


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